Corsair H60 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler Review

Thermal Solution

This a new concept to our cooler reviews and we would love to hear feedback on whether or not you liked it. To get these thermal images we used a FLIR camera. Well known in the military for night operations, this technology detects heat signatures and relays it back into data which forms the colors you see. Our first snap shows the pump with the exhaust and return tubes in addition to the motherboard. If you pay attention to the purple and blue here it shows the cool liquid flowing through the tubes to its destination. Purple is coldest here while red and bright yellow is the warmest. You can also notice here the middle of the pump is where the heat is being dissipated from. Unfortunately we were unable get a picture of where the copper meets the processor.The second thermal image here shows a similar image to the first one with a bit of a black hot twist(white means cool here). As you can see the motherboard is much warmer than the processor and its surroundings and you can see first hand what even a small AIO cooler is capable of.This is a picture of the fan putting in work here. You can see that it is blowing cool air straight through the radiator which is cooling the liquid down for its return trip back to the processor. The hot spot right in the middle of the fan is the friction of the fan bearing. We really wanted to hit home here that this system is impressively functional. You can see here the difference between the two tubes and can make an accurate assumption to which is the return tube and which carries the exhaust liquid. The tube on top is much cooler than the bottom one which shows us the heat has been pulled away from the liquid for its return trip. We hope you guys enjoyed our in depth look at the temperatures!

Final Thoughts

Budget is an important word in PC building. Managing the costs of parts can either make or break your build and give you leeway when spending more money where it counts. Corsair has created an H60 AIO which fits exactly in the demographic it needed to. You can fit this in small chassis as well as larger ones which creates quite a bit customization. You get a small amount of lighting here with the white LED’s and we think that’s all you really need in this small package. Improvements once again can be made here with the addition of thermal paste for those situations where you either upgrade or change out parts. We are very Happy with the performance of our H60 and bestow a silver seal upon it.


Coolers are an integral part of any PC. Air coolers are on their way out as prices of AIO's drop significantly which provides room for the budget coolers to make their way into consumers builds.Were going to check out Corsair's H60 AIO cooler today and run it through a few of our own tests. We are also going to be showing our H60 through the eyes of a thermal camera. This will give you a complete understanding on how heat dissipation works. Enough talk lets get into it! Contents and Packaging Corsair does an extremely good job of making their…

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Budget Versatility

Calling all beginner builders. Are you looking you a cooler that can fit in most chassis? Are you looking for a low price of $69.99 USD? Can you handle this budget cooler? Pick your up today!

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