Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 Memory Review – High Density and Speeds Low Power



For bench-marking memory bandwidth we use AIDA64’s ‘Cache and Memory Benchmark’


As we can see in the above chart, all of our tuned settings perform well above the rated specification with our 2666 speed performing the best overall.


For bench-marking memory latency we use AIDA64’s ‘Cache and Memory Benchmark’


Our stock rated test run resulted in a latency of 69.2 nanoseconds, here we can see that even our lowest clocked 2133Mhz configuration was able to beat that steadily, no doubt due to its much lower timings. However, the best performer is still the 2666Mhz configuration. All and all, things are looking good so far.


Maxon’s Cinebench is a benchmarking tool based on their Cinema 4D software. It measures CPU performance by rendering a photo realistic 3D scene.


As we can see Cinebench doesn’t seem to care too much about RAM speed as it performs very similar with all three configurations with the highest scoring configuration only scoring 6 points higher than the lowest.


WinRAR is easily the most well-known file archiving program. In our test we use the application’s built-in benchmark utility in order to determine CPU performance.


Our WinRAR benchmark displays very much the same as our Cinebench results, while the 2666Mhz configuration does perform faster than the others, it is still a relatively minuscule difference in performance.


In our Photoshop CC test, we employ the Radial Blur Test for measuring CPU performance. It works by applying a complex Radial Blur filter to a high-resolution image (4500 x 3000), and measuring the time it takes to finish the task.


It seems our Photoshop benchmark prefers lower CAS Latency as opposed to higher memory speeds. As our 2133mhz configuration with the lowest timings seems to perform slightly better than the higher clocked configurations.


In the world of computer components, RAM is rarely ever a hot-topic, unlike processors and graphics cards that see new products come to market every couple of months, with new product generations every year. RAM is essentially always RAM; not much changes very often. Having said that, the last few months have been historic, as computer memory is more exciting than ever. Why? Next-generation DDR4 memory standard has reached mass-market availability and consumers want to know what, if anything has changed. Well, today we're going to try to answer some of your questions as we get the pleasure of reviewing Crucial's…

Review Overview



This memory kit isn't the best for overclocking, having only one XMP profile, but it is a wonderful value for DDR4 memory kits and is backed by Crucial's excellent reputation as a leader in flash memory.

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