Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 Memory Review – High Density and Speeds Low Power


It’s no secret that RAM rarely impacts gaming performance significantly. However, this wouldn’t be a Technology X review without a couple of gaming benchmarks.


We tested on “High” settings at 1080p with FXAA.


And right away, I eat my words. While the minimum and maximum are relatively untouched, the average frame-rate is significantly higher with our 2666Mhz configuration, showing that Crysis 3 definitely prefers faster ram.


For Tomb Raider, we tested the game on “Ultimate” settings with TressFX and FXAA turned on at 1080p.


A bench-marking favorite of ours, Tomb Raider always shows consistent performance and this time is no exception. While the max fps is higher on the 2666Mhz configuration, the min and average remain basically the same, meaning you’ll get essentially the exact same gaming experience with all three of these configurations.


Crucial is no newcomer to the RAM industry, after all their parent company Micron has been in the semiconductor business since 1978, I bring this up because down to their low-cost smart packing, to their elegantly designed ‘no frills’ low-profile heat-spreaders, they show their maturity as a company, which is something you can’t always say for computer hardware manufacturers. It would be easy for them to spend more on advertising, or use more eye-catching packing in order to garner more interests in their products, but instead they keep costs down and translate those savings on to the consumer.


Sure, DDR4 isn’t cheap by any means, but Crucial has continued to keep their pricing as competitive as possible and have offered some of the cheapest DDR4 memory kits available while not compromising on performance or reliability. It’s these types of practices that keep Crucial a leader in the industry.

The Crucial Ballisitx Sport DDR4 memory kit we received has performed exceptionally in all our tests and has proven its ability to run outside of its rated specifications without issues. While it may not be the absolute best kit for overclocking, its lack of multiple XMP profiles definitely does not help its case in that front. However, it is still quite capable with some minor tweaking.

When you combined its competitive pricing, intelligent design and the performance it has shown here today, you get a very interesting product, one I have no problem easily recommending to anyone in the market for a great performing, relatively inexpensive DDR4 memory kit.

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In the world of computer components, RAM is rarely ever a hot-topic, unlike processors and graphics cards that see new products come to market every couple of months, with new product generations every year. RAM is essentially always RAM; not much changes very often. Having said that, the last few months have been historic, as computer memory is more exciting than ever. Why? Next-generation DDR4 memory standard has reached mass-market availability and consumers want to know what, if anything has changed. Well, today we're going to try to answer some of your questions as we get the pleasure of reviewing Crucial's…

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This memory kit isn't the best for overclocking, having only one XMP profile, but it is a wonderful value for DDR4 memory kits and is backed by Crucial's excellent reputation as a leader in flash memory.

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