Enermax Revolution XtII 750W PSU Unboxing & Overview



Enermax has overall done a swell job with the Revolution X’t II. The build is clean and sharp looking and the boasted standards and ingenuity seem to fit the bill. A few things we would like to see is  switching the plastic covered cables for braided as it just gives an overall better look to the unit.Also, having a few more ports such as some 6p PCI ports wouldn’t hurt and would also expand the PSU’s ability and therefor interest to the consumer. Coming in at $120 and with a 5-year warranty the Rev is a decent buy at a decent price and so we will present it with our Silver Seal.

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The unsung hero, the one without praise yet possessing the knowledge that those who shine above them are nothing without them. The foundation of every build is the PSU and whether is often overlooked in the long run or just simply out-shined by it's fancy counter-parts, it's presence is essential and it's performance is priority. Today we are going to introduce and unbox with you the Enermax Revolution XtII 750W PSU. https://youtu.be/BNZlQZlsfs4 PACKAGING, PRICING & SPECIFICATIONS The Rev XtII  comes in a retail ready packaging that is a black box with the need-to-know particulars highlighted. On the top-side you'll see…

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The Revolution X't II 750W is a good PSU that you'll be able to count on to get the job done.

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