Kingston HyperX Savage (32GB) DDR3 Memory Review


It’s no secret that RAM rarely impacts gaming performance significantly. However, this wouldn’t be a Technology X review without a couple of gaming benchmarks.


We tested on “High” settings at 1080p with FXAA.


Oddly enough we see the stock configuration getting the lowest max FPS by a fair margin as we expected the lowest speed to take the hit. This isn’t an anomaly as we ran the tests 4 times on each configuration and this test is the average of the 4 runs. The highest clocked configuration came in first as we expected but the 2133 test coming in last is still somewhat surprising.


For Tomb Raider, we tested the game on “Ultimate” settings with TressFX and FXAA turned on at 1080p.


Barely any difference is made here. The RAM Performed within the margin of error for the benchmark, Tomb Raider is a game that mostly cares about GPU power and CPU Clock speed.


Kingston is a longtime staple in memory, and their HyperX line is synonymous with high performance memory targeted at gamers and enthusiasts. The HyperX Savage is a worthy addition to their line-up and keeps in line with the striking aggressive looks that they are known for.


One of the problems we ran into testing was the old test benches platform, Z77 could not run the RAM at its rated speeds. Fortunately for us at the same time, Gigabyte sent over their UD3H Black Edition board, stay tuned for our in-depth review!

Let this be a lesson to those looking to buy overclocked memory. If you are on an older platform like Sandy or Ivy Bridge, aiming above 2000MHz is a feat in itself when the CPU is overclocked. For most Gamers and those looking for some nice low profile RAM we’d recommend the 16GB configuration


We also want to get out of the way that this is a quad channel kit designed for Intel’s X79 platform and would perform slightly better in those systems. Unfortunately no one on the team has an X79 test bench and most of us have upgraded to X99 that only supports DDR4 memory.

The RAM did perform very well at its rated timings, while more expensive than most brands at 1600MHz it is very competitive with RAM in its category. A quick search on Amazon, and our kit is one of the cheapest 32GB kits on the site, let alone RAM at 2133!

Overall this is one of the nicest kits of RAM we’ve used in a long time and for overclocking enthusiasts this is a solid value for its price. While we would rather see gamers on a tight budget focus more of their money on the GPU or CPU if you have money to spare and do a bit of work in Photoshop, video edit, run virtual machines or stream this is a solid kit to pick up.

And with all that we can tell you this is a top contender, with its styling, low profile heat spreader, and lifetime warranty we give the Kingston HyperX Savage our silver seal.

Tech X Silver Seal Opt

Check Out The Kingston HYPERX SAVAGE 2133 (32GB) On Amazon!

Kingston, an industry leader in Desktop Memory has released their new HyperX line; Savage. Does this memory live up to its Branding? Let's find out. Today we have the HyperX Savage for review, which is the spiritual successor to the HyperX Genesis that was their high end performance and overclocking RAM aimed at enthusiasts. While not the exciting and new DDR4 standard that doesn't mean that this RAM is without merit. For most of us DDR3 still makes a lot of sense and the performance difference currently isn't that much. PACKAGING, PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS  The kit comes in a rectangular plastic…

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Build quality

One of The Best!

While we couldn't get over 2400MHz and had to hit 1.68V to get it stable it ran rock solid at 2133MHz and performed like a champ. We also love the low profile design, styling and build quality. The lifetime warranty scores top marks with us as well.

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