Nyrius Smart LED Light Bulb and Outlet Review

Nyrius Smart Outlet

Next up is the smart outlet from Nyrius. This smart outlet allows you to connect any thing with a power cord and control it via your smart device. It is an easy way to quickly switch on and off that light, or have them automatically turn on when you are near by.

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The Nyrius Smart Outlet features bluetooth 3.0 and has a wireless range of 33 feet. This we question a little bit, as we found the range to be flaky at times, intermittently connecting to the smart outlet. The outlet itself is a three prong 120 volt 60 Hz standard AC outlet, with a current capacity of up to 15A.

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Connecting the Nyrius Smart Outlet is very easy. Simply, plug the device into any outlet and then plug the electronic object you wish to control into it. Once completed, hold the power button located on the right side of the Nyrius Smart Outlet until the lights begin to blink. Connect to the device in the bluetooth settings of your smartphone or tablet. Then load up the Nyrius Smart Outlet application onto your device and connect to the outlet.

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Unlike the smart light bulb before this, the application is set for the larger iPhone display. The first screen allows you to select the outlet you wish to control. On iOS devices you can control three outlets, on Android you can utilize up to seven. Once you have clicked on the outlet, you are then prompted with four options. You can power the object on and off, you can set the object to turn on when near by, you can set a timer for that object so that it will turn on at specific times, or you can enter settings and control the security of that object.

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For us the, with it being the time of year for holiday lights, we decided that a perfect opportunity to test the outlet is with a Christmas Tree and a string of LED lights.

Nyrius Smart Outlet Christmas Tree

The proximity feature was convenient as well, having the lights automatically turn on when we arrived allowed the home to give us a warm welcome.

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From the Nyrius webpage, you can see that at the time of writing this article the smart outlet is on sale from its regular price of $39.99, down to $24.96. On Amazon, you can pick up the smart outlet for $39.99 as well.

Today we have the privilege of taking an in-depth look at two home automation products form Nyrius, the Wireless Smart LED Multicolour Light Bulb and their Smart Outlet. Since CES 2015 began, and as we get geared up for CES 2016, we have seen a progression of IoT (Internet of Things) which has brought home automation and connectivity into the fore front of the technology industry. Nyrius' latest products are an excellent example of this! So let's dig in! Nyrius¬†Wireless Smart LED Multicolour Light Bulb https://youtu.be/MzUH9yuFjdE The video above provides an excellent explanation of the Nyrius Smart Light Bulb. To…

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The Nyrius Smart Light Bulb and Outlet are great products for those looking to take that first step into Home Automation!

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