Nyrius Smart LED Light Bulb and Outlet Review


After two weeks of fairly consistent usage, we were impressed with the Nyrius smart products. We understand that Nyrius was going for an easy to use setup, not requiring WiFi in order to control the products. We are slightly on the fence about this topic. We would have enjoyed the WiFi control a bit more, had it been made available within these products. For us, having the ability to be pretty much anywhere and to switch the product on and off would have impressed us beyond belief. However, the ease of setting up the product via bluetooth was also an impressive idea. So in its own right, it is a great innovation.

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The Nyrius Wireless Smart LED Multicolour Light Bulb was fun to show off to friends and family. It was a breeze to set up and use. Best of all, it worked flawlessly. With the exception of an older application well in need of an update, we would recommend this product to anyone looking for an entry into the area of home automation. The price of the light bulb will make it a hard sell, $30 for a light bulb is a bit much, especially if you are looking to control eight of them throughout your home. Sure you can pick up a multi-pack that drops the price pre bulb down about $3.00, but $27 is still a bit much for a light bulb.

The Nyrius Smart Outlet was fun to use and an excellent resource in our Christmas decorating. It was amusing to guest and family throughout the holidays to show the power of IOT and how the holidays are now incorporated within that. Set up was a little more complex than the smart light bulb, but still relatively easy. We did find that this outlet almost gets to be annoying. We highly encourage Nyrius to give users the option to turn off any notifications from the smart outlet.

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If you have the outlet off, and are within range, it will send you notifications that pop up in the middle of your device’s screen asking if you wish to connect. For us, we found this to happen about 5 times within a couple of minutes. For $24.96 and even at $40, this is a cool product for anyone looking to take the first steps into an automated home.

We award Nyrius with our Innovation Award, for the ingenuity of making it easy to bring IoT into the home and for making home automation extremely easy!

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Today we have the privilege of taking an in-depth look at two home automation products form Nyrius, the Wireless Smart LED Multicolour Light Bulb and their Smart Outlet. Since CES 2015 began, and as we get geared up for CES 2016, we have seen a progression of IoT (Internet of Things) which has brought home automation and connectivity into the fore front of the technology industry. Nyrius' latest products are an excellent example of this! So let's dig in! Nyrius Wireless Smart LED Multicolour Light Bulb https://youtu.be/MzUH9yuFjdE The video above provides an excellent explanation of the Nyrius Smart Light Bulb. To…

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The Nyrius Smart Light Bulb and Outlet are great products for those looking to take that first step into Home Automation!

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