OCZ Vector 150 SSD Review – Rattling The 120GB Competition

AS-SSD VER. 1.7.4739.38088

AS-SSD Benchmark is a lightweight application that is designed to provide a simple means of evaluating the performance of SSDs. The tool contains six synthetic and three copy tests. The synthetic tests are to determine the sequential and random read and write performance of the SSD. These tests are carried out without use of the operating system caches. The program comes with a copy benchmark as well as one for compression and it can also be used with hard disk drives.


copy bench


Anvil Storage Utilities is a powerful tool that is designed in to provide a simple means of assessing the read and write performance of a solid state drive.

Anvil Incompressible


HD Tune Pro supports performing secure erasure, running comprehensive error scans (including a review of a disk’s SMART health status), displaying read, write, and spin-up times and recording benchmark performance metrics.






Analyzing the data briefly, the OCZ Vector 150 yields some amazing results. There are a few errors here and there as our system did not play too well with the write speeds of the Vector 150, but in general the performance is top notch for a 120GB SSD, but keep in mind that it is also the lowest offering of the three. The 240GB and 480GB versions will be even more astounding, and probably your best bet in terms of price and performance.

120GB OCZ Vector 150

The 120GB holds its own, and at peak numbers that you can check on OCZ’s page, it gets close to numbers presented by SanDisk’s Extreme II 240GB – one of the best SSDs out right now – with the 240GB Vertex 150 especially closing the gap. Still, sustained 4k speeds and read/write speeds of 515MBps/415MBps are nothing to scoff at and certainly help cement the 120GB Vector 150 as one of the best SSDs in that price range.

When it comes to solid-state drives, OCZ needs no introduction. The manufacturer has been around long before SSDs first entered the consumer market, and helped push them towards the performance and affordability standards of today. Out of the original bunch of companies, OCZ is one of the very few remaining that still holds a sizeable share in the SSD market. One of the main reasons for that is affordability. As a person who has owned every single Vertex series SSD, not one has failed yet. From the original Vertex to the Vertex 4, all of them are still running in…

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SSD Powerhouse!

As expected with the Barefoot 3 controller, the OCZ Vector 150 has great performance, however, we found power consumption ratings a bit under the weather.

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