OCZ Vector 150 SSD Review – Rattling The 120GB Competition


The big question mark coming into the review was whether the OCZ Vector 150 warrants an upgrade from the original. After all, seemingly much has not changed. After testing, it definitely has. While it is one of the more expensive 120GB drives out there at $130 (when they typically rest between the $70 – $120 price range), it outperforms virtually all of the competition. The Vector 150 has shown time and time again through benchmarks of its consistency, and just as well as it is branded for enthusiasts.

120GB OCZ Vector 150

The consistency can be attributed to the reliable five-year endurance cycle and AES-256 encryption, which legitimately makes the Vector 150 a solid enterprise SSD, an enticing option in server environments. Now with that said there are a few questionable omissions. Windows 8.1 features such as BitLocker and DevSleep are missing due to the lack of TCG Opal 2.0 and IEEE-1667 feature set. Without DevSleep, idle power consumption is greatly increased which directly affects the efficiency battery-powered mobile devices such as ultrabooks and tablets.

120GB OCZ Vector 150

Overall the 120GB flavoured OCZ Vector 150 is a solid, consistent performer for $130. The 240GB is the best value out of the different models, but the 120GB should suffice for those who want to use it as an OS drive with a little extra room for important applications. With updated features and architecture, the OCZ Vector 150 series is coming close to the benchmark set by SanDisk’s Extreme II, and reliability will be key in order to truly deliver the five-year endurance cycle and warranty to enthusiasts and enterprise users alike.

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When it comes to solid-state drives, OCZ needs no introduction. The manufacturer has been around long before SSDs first entered the consumer market, and helped push them towards the performance and affordability standards of today. Out of the original bunch of companies, OCZ is one of the very few remaining that still holds a sizeable share in the SSD market. One of the main reasons for that is affordability. As a person who has owned every single Vertex series SSD, not one has failed yet. From the original Vertex to the Vertex 4, all of them are still running in…

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As expected with the Barefoot 3 controller, the OCZ Vector 150 has great performance, however, we found power consumption ratings a bit under the weather.

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