Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Surround Headset Review


The overall performance of the headset was good, as its clarity and sound quality is better than we expected. It can reach some fairly piercing volumes, but as expected, loses some quality as you push the limits of the Rage 7HX. Individually the Bass is easily recognizable and doesn’t drown out the treble or mid ranges. Adding this sound with the IRC and you have a quick and easy control of the volume and mute setting. Whether utilizing all aspects of the 7.1 surround game play or just hanging them from your neck as you listen to tunes these headphones will accomplish the goal and satisfaction that is turning zeros and ones (binary code) into good sounds. The Omni-directional microphone is great and extends your voice clearly and dominantly to the ears of your enemies or supportively to the aid of your friendly’s.

Ozone Rage 7HX-7


In order to install the software you need to plug the headset in, if you don’t it will prompt you to. Next pops up what looks somewhat less visually appealing then the headset itself as seen below. Not a lot of effort went into continuing the visual appeal to the programming. As was seen in a previous review, Ozone Neon Mouse and Lepton Gaming Mouse Pad, Ozone has the capability to make their software look as cool as the product itself. They fell short on this one.

main screen

The first page is the Main Setting page, here you have the ability to change the system input. Typically for music you would keep it set low and for compatible 3D games all the way up to 8CH. If you’re confused by this menu option there is a quick help guide to the right of it, click the question mark and you should be a little more informed. Below that is the DSP Effect which allows you to have the auto 7.1 or click the advanced setting gavel and toy with the sound yourself.

Other notable features of the program are your standard volume bars for the speakers (headset) and microphone and the Effects panel which is filled with options for different listening environments and an equalizer on the right for standard music types also it allows you to save profiles if toying around with frequencies is your cup of tea. We played with the pre-sets a little clicking rap and listening to Eminem, setting it to soft-rock and listening to Blink 182 and some Owl City on the Dance pre-set. They all sounded well accordingly to the type of music they are.


Lastly, the Karaoke/magic voice function tab. Depending on your sense of humour this is either dry or hilarious, we leaned towards the latter. Click it on and you now have the ability to either echo your voice or change it completely to others in your game. There are four pre-set voices to change yours to. A monster, a cartoon, male or female voice. Obviously of these choices you can probably assume which ones we had the most fun with and man are they hilarious. The cartoon and monster voice transformation totally made up for the lack of visual appeal of the program, well in our minds at least, but we’re on the quirky end.


Tipping the scale at $69.99 on Amazon this headset is a reasonable price for what you get. Good sound quality with tons of volume. The inline remote control, although in our opinion is misplaced, is still a good tool for quick and easy access to microphone and volume control without interrupting your computer screen. The headset is comfortable on your head and it being so light allows the ability to wear it for long periods of time without discomfort. This was eagerly tested and approved by our assistant.

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Unfortunately the snug fit is missing, which if you do move your head at all you’ll feel the headset shift and cause you to want to readjust it, disrupting game play. The long cord and stable microphone are excellent bonuses to this boisterous sounding headset.

Overall, we found that the Ozone Rage 7HX gaming headset is a great option for those looking to spend a reasonable amount on a solid set of gaming headphones. You get many of the same features and looks of a high-end set, but for much less. We found that Ozone’s gaming headset is well deserving of our Bronze Seal!

TechX Bronze Seal Opt

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We previously took an in-depth look at the Ozone Neon Precision Laser Gaming Mouse with the Lepton Rigid Mouse Pad, but we were only missing one item that would set us up for any gaming session, a headset. Today, we have the opportunity to take a detailed look at another Ozone Gaming Gear peripheral, Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Surround Headset. Let's take a closer look! DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS The packaging looks great, as it should in order to grab the initial gaze when set on the shelf next to the vast amounts of gaming headsets out there. With its detailed red and black shell and…

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The Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Surround Headset is great for the avid gamer! With good sound quality and great volume, plus that handy inline remote control and detachable mic, you are definitely a good bang for your buck!

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