Pelican 2380R High Performance LED Flashlight – Start Your Day Off Bright!

The 2380R features slide-beam flood to spot technology. This allows you to pull the head forward to change from a flood beam to a spot beam.

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Also on the head you will find a collar that can be rotated. Once rotated, it will expose a micro USB port for charging the 2380R. Also on the collar is a LED that will glow red when charging, and the full spectrum of green to amber to red when in use. This will tell you how much battery life is left.

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On the bottom of the flash light, there is a soft rubber button that lets you turn the 2380R on and off. A single click turns the flashlight on high, three clicks will make the flashlight strobe and five clicks will turn the flashlight on low. You do have to be quick with your clicks though, no more than half a second according to the manual.

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The battery within the 2380R is 3.7v – 2600mAh lithium-ion, with a full charge time of 6 hours. This charge time isn’t that unreasonable considering the length of runtime that is included. The 2380R is 6.48 inches in length and weighs in at 6.6oz with its battery. This is probably our biggest highlight about the 2380R. When you pick it up for the first time, you know your dealing with a big boy flashlight. It feels like it is made of high quality material that makes you think that you will never have to take advantage of that lifetime warranty.

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If your occupation requires you to be dark places constantly, such as a police officer or fire fighter, we would highly recommend Pelican’s 2380R high performance rechargeable LED flashlight. Putting the lifetime warranty off to the side momentarily, the 2380R is extremely bright and precise, whether you need a flood or spot beam. In addition to that, the USB charging ability is an extremely important feature, letting you quickly charge the flashlight while on the road. If you don’t  have the time to charge up the light, then just pop in two of the batteries and you are away to the races.

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As we said earlier, it’s a joy to review staple gadgets, which we would normally take for advantage, but have a technological twist thrown in. While you may find the $74 price tag a little large, this is actually on the cheaper side of things. Especially when firefighter flashlights can reach up to $200! With all of this being said, we proudly award Pelican our Innovation Award for their 2380R high performance LED flashlight!

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Often times in the technology field, we come across devices that are not necessarily computer components, but are average devices you use on a day-to-day basis that are tweaked to incorporate some new idea. That's why when we got the opportunity to take a look at the Pelican 2380R, USB rechargeable, LED flashlight, we couldn't say no! Let's shed some more light on this, shall we? DESIGN & SPECIFICATIONS The front of the packaging shows you exactly what is inside - for the most part. You can see the black flashlight through the clear plastic window on the right. On…

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Shining Bright!

The Pelican 2380R High Performance LED Flashlight is truly a shining star! This is an extremely bright flashlight that is ready to take on anything you throw at it!

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