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To start off on a high note, when we tested this mouse on our Windows 10 computer the mouse was instantly recognized and operable. It didn’t have the full features of the Razer Synapse program, but with a quick 20MB free download on the Razer site we had this mouse up and running at 100% in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, this program isn’t necessary as all of the buttons on the mouse functioned without it.

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The lights, DPI toggles, left and right wheel tilt, and two right thumb buttons all worked albeit not with the full customization Synapse provides. For the general layout of the mouse we want to start by saying we loved the placement of the right thumb buttons. They are easy to click and big enough that a larger finger is capable to click on one button without clicking the other at the same time. The mouse wheel tilts are set to scroll left and scroll right but are also a great spot to program in some game keybinds.

Professional gamers have been getting extremely serious when it comes to their gaming hardware and peripherals as of late. With large worldwide tournaments now being broadcasted globally, it takes not just a powerful team to come ahead, but powerful tools. Razer has been one of the largest gaming manufacturers on the planet and is completely aware of the outcry from the community for consistently superior products. Using the most cutting edge technology they have come out with what some consider as the most powerful gaming mouse on the planet, the Mamba Tournament Edition. Coming in at $130, this mouse packs some…

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This monster of a mouse is extremely customizable and ready to bring any gamer's experience to their full potential.

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