Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Mouse Review – A Professional Peripheral!


This program is a cloud based storage system to save your own personal settings for a multitude of different games or color schemes. From this you are able to customize button clicks, change dots-per-inch, increase and decrease acceleration and polling rate, create a perfect colour pattern for the well places LED lights, and calibrate the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition to a specific Razer mouse pad.

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In conjunction with the Synapse program, the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition lets you save up to 5 personal sensitivity settings for whatever your heart desires. Synapse also has a stats system in place that actually tracks your mouse movement, clicks, and keystrokes.

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This can be handy in making small adjustments in your gameplay by knowing how your mouse movement affects your gameplay. Synapse also goes as far as letting you tell the program just what mouse pad you are using to perfectly adapt the mouse to your gaming style. This feature tacked with the ability to customize your DPI settings, polling rate, and lift off range make this mouse 100% customizable to any gamer on the planet.

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These features coupled with the live tracking heat maps and mouse movement make this mouse the perfect tool for any elite gamer trying to absolutely perfect their gaming precision.


The Razer Mamba Tournament Edition may not be the cheapest mouse on the market, but sometimes it costs a little extra to have a high quality product. This is an absolute monster of a product that we would recommend for all gamers alike.

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The sleek design, frictionless pads, powerful software features, and comfortable ergonomics make this mouse a must have. It’s understandable that not all gamers require such precision and customization as a mouse such as this, but for those who really want to push their own boundaries look no further than the Mamba TE.

We are happy to award Razer’s Mamba Tournament Edition mouse our GoldSeal!


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Professional gamers have been getting extremely serious when it comes to their gaming hardware and peripherals as of late. With large worldwide tournaments now being broadcasted globally, it takes not just a powerful team to come ahead, but powerful tools. Razer has been one of the largest gaming manufacturers on the planet and is completely aware of the outcry from the community for consistently superior products. Using the most cutting edge technology they have come out with what some consider as the most powerful gaming mouse on the planet, the Mamba Tournament Edition. Coming in at $130, this mouse packs some…

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This monster of a mouse is extremely customizable and ready to bring any gamer's experience to their full potential.

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