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After downloading the app the rest is fairly straight forward. Following the instructions is very easy to get Singlecue up and running. Ensure that you are not using 5G wifi as it will not work with Singlecue. There are plans to expand to 5G but at this time you’ll have to connect your wireless device and Singlecue to 2.4G wifi. Below are some screen shots of the initial setup as we programmed the Singlecue to the Samsung Curve TV.

Singlcue Appsinglecue app

The app is set up rather perfectly as it guides you through everything simple and easily. Hooking up to your cable box, television, or any other smart home devices you have such as lighting.  Singlecue’s app didn’t run us into any problems what so ever and the synchronization between the Singlecue and your wireless device is very fluent and easy. As you can see in the left image below, you have many options for input and when extended it gets into even finer input options. Bottom right you can choose where the channel and volume are controlled from separately, yet once you get into working with Singlecue you won’t have to switch between the TV and cable box.

singlecue appSinglecue app2

Once you have all your devices connected this is where you will start making “Activities” For this review we have made four as shown below.

singlecue app

Unfortunately, you can’t control your PS4 or Wii with the Singlecue yet but you can set the TV to turn to the proper input and get you to that game of NHL 16 that much quicker. Singlecue is still developing and will soon allow you to interact with your gaming consoles for activities like Netflix.


The theory behind Singlecue as mentioned before is to eliminate the use of the remote when controlling your smart home and media products. We set Singlecue up to our TV and Cable box. Now when you use Singlecue you have to follow the instructions but the tutorial they walk you through is fairly straight forward. You raise your hand with your index finger raised facing the Singlecue and move side to side up or down and select with a click of your index finger down to where your middle finger and thumb meet. The only other motion to control Singlecue is to move your finger in front of your mouth as if to say “shhh” and singlecue will mute or turn the volume back on, which is really cool.Singlecue Shh As far as we found Singlecue was very good at tracking our movement, sometimes we would have to drop our hand and try again but that was mostly when we were trying from the sides and figuring out the consistency from angles. The more off center you get the harder it is for Singlecue to track your movements as is too be expected. When using Netflix it became a little of a pain to scroll between options. When you push your hand to the right to select another title you have to basically hold your hand to the right and it scrolls at a slow rate. Also, sometimes Singlecue can be very sensitive to your motions and you may end up scrolling to a title you didn’t intend.  After a while of using the unit you will become better though and controlling Singlecue gets easier and easier. It would also be nice if there was a way to jump right to a certain program in your Smart TV such as Netflix with a single click from the power button. Singlecue1_clipped_rev_1


That measly remote can stay missing or wedged in the couch as we no longer need it. Singlecue‘s ease of use and easy to follow instructions make it fool-proof to use and even more fun to control. Being able to control your TV and other smart home products with a single hand is pretty awesome. Singlecue is going for $199 on amazon at the time of this review. Might seem a little steep but for the future of the smart home it is a small price to pay and in our opinion is well worth it. Singlecue easily walks away with our Editors Choice award!


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Upon receipt of notification that our Singlecue was on the way we were quite excited. This was definitely one of the stand outs from Pepcom/CES 2016 to us and one product we were very interested in reviewing.  Singlecue is a smart home product that claims the ability to control all your smart home devices with a single finger (cue). OVERVIEW Singlecue is brought to you by eyeSight Technologies Ltd. their aim is to allow you the consumer the ability to control your daily devices with touch-free gestures such as the swipe of a hand or point of the finger. The…

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Singlecue is an awesome product that is easy to use. We look forward to the future advancements in the future!

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