Streacom FC5A Fanless Chassis Review


With a 100% thick aluminum frame the FC5A gives off a luxurious look as well as weight to it. The science behind the frame and incorporating a fanless build is a great concept. It seems at least from our build that a few things were overlooked such as the limited power options and even the length of cables. For such a pricey chassis we would prefer to see a PCI-E extender included with the chassis as well as a support for an installed VGA. The CPU copper tubing heatsink is great aesthetically and functionally, but having a completely fanless chassis for a HTPC in our opinion isn’t a MUST as if this chassis is on the other side of the room by your TV you aren’t going to notice the sound of one fan ensuring airflow through the system.Streacom FC5A

However, we do love the feel and look to the chassis and are very impressed by the ability to get so much into such a small chassis, even if a full ATX board is extremely overkill. Some don’t have the option of switching out for smaller boards sometimes. A very detailed manual gives this chassis a very easy to work with build especially for those of you who may not have a clue where to start with such a case. A few tweaks and additions and this chassis will be a strong contender for HTPC’s. We are proud to give the FC5A our Innovation award!

Tech X Innovation Award Opt

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That's right you read it correctly, a fanless chassis. The FC5A is a new breed of computing taking out the fans and incorporating a fanless, therefor silent system. With a thin sleek design it gives thought to the old Dell Optiplex's we saw in school's, libraries and offices except with a lot more style and grace.OVERVIEW The FC5A is a 100% aluminum chassis that as you can see is a minimalist design that fits mITX, mATX and ATX boards.  Geared towards building a HTPC this chassis is definitely not one for intense gaming. The sheer size and composition of the…

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Streacom's FC5A is a interesting fun idea for a HTPC. Quite expensive but if you're looking for a slick and functional HTPC case, consider the FC5A in your preparation.

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