Tesoro Kuven Devil 7.1 Virtual Gaming Headset Review


tesoro-kuven_gaming-headset-2The headset features a nice premium industrial styling, and an all black and grey color-scheme, however it is also available in white as the Angel model.

tesoro-kuven_gaming-headset-3Its construction is mostly a lightweight plastic, except for the stainless steel plates on the front of both ear-cups, which include a silkscreen of Tesoro’s two-face branding.

The microphone is adjustable up and down, but is also made of a flexible-rubber which can be bent in or out to better fit the user. We found this to be mostly find, however the up and down motion is quite tight and just feels sub-par when adjusting. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it is something we wish had a bit more thought put into its design.


The rim is covered in a nice soft faux-leather with the Tesoro branding imprinted on the top, and a thick padding underneath which makes the headset fairly comfortable to wear.

The headset is rather tight-fitting, and while it does extend on both sides about an inch, we still find it to be smaller than most headsets we’ve encountered. This isn’t a huge deal, but if you’ve got a larger head and normally extend a pair of headphones all the way out for them to fit, these may be too tight for you.


the inner-ring on the headphones is made of plastic, but is reinforced with a nice brushed-metal (at least in the exposed areas), it seems solid and stood up to us bending and flexing it without feeling like it would crack under pressure. Ultimately, the overall build-quality of the headset seems sturdy and about what you’d expect from a $70 headset. Nothing too fancy, but not cheap and tacky either.

The cable on the headset is non-detachable, and measures about 4 ft. in length. It is all braided, and includes an in-line mic and volume control, which is a simple sliding switch for the mic and a ridged dial for the volume.  The cable leads into a pair of 3.5mm mic and headphone outputs which are gold-plated.

Tesoro Technology is a brand name that most have probably never heard of, that being said they've been around since 2011 and are known for making stylish gaming peripherals such as headsets, keyboards, and mice, and are just recently bringing their products to the U.S. and Canada. Today we'll be taking a look at one of their more popular wired gaming headsets, the Kuven Devil  71. Virtual Gaming Headset. PACKAGING, PRICNG & SPECIFICATIONS Packaging for the headset is fairly nice looking, with a flashy purple and black color-scheme and an odd shape which is wider at the top than it…

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The Tesoro Kuven Gaming Headset offers solid build quality, decent sound quality and plenty of connection options at great price.

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