Tesoro Kuven Devil 7.1 Virtual Gaming Headset Review



We found the headset to be quite comfortable to wear, the included vinyl ear pads are nice and soft and feel good on the ears, of course some users may have issues with sweaty-ear-syndrome with these type of pads, we did not. However, if you do, you could always change them to something more breathable such as velvet or velour, as they are removable.

tesoro-kuven_gaming-headset_earcup-1As we mentioned earlier, fitting may be an issue for larger-headed users, but in our case it was just fine and the relatively lightweight construction of the headset was extremely easy to deal with over long periods of time.


In our time with the headset, we played a few rounds of Battlefield 4, and listened to a variety of high-quality 320KBPS MP3s, and even watched a few movies. Needless to say, it was a lot of hard work!

We found the audio quality to be fairly good. The bass is nice and responsive without being too overpowering, while the mids are nice and rich, if not a little muddy at times. The highs are mostly good but they do tend to become a bit distorted with certain genres such as Rock music, although, it is nothing you wouldn’t expect from a headset, or even a pair of headphones in this price range.

tesoro-kuven_gaming-headset-7We connected the headphones to a variety of devices including our a Nexus 6 smart phone and a PC using both the integrated audio and the included USB sound-card dongle, and we found the best results with the USB dongle. It worked well with our smart phone, however it was noticeably louder with other devices, this may just be the audio driver on the phone, but it is still worth noting.  The microphone also worked well in all cases, as people were able to hear us loud and clearly without any annoying background noise. We also received zero complaints during in-game chat and Skype conversations.

There is some bad, unfortunately. No matter what we did, we just couldn’t hear a noticeable difference between enabling the ‘7.1 Virtual Surround-Sound’ and disabling it, we tried it in music, movies and games and none showed even the slightest bit of difference. Now, this could just be an audio driver issue, but it is still unfortunate. That being said, most people dislike virtual surround-sound, and we tend to leave it off anyhow. Still, it is an advertised feature.


As we mentioned in the beginning of this report, most people would have probably never heard of Tesoro, they’re a relatively new company that mainly deals in Asian markets. However, with our time with their Kuven Gaming Headset, we think that will change soon enough, or at least it should.


Sure, this headset isn’t without its flaws, the seemingly non-functioning 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, is definitely one, and there are a number of design improvements that could be implemented, including the microphone adjustment. Audio quality may not be the best, but it isn’t horrible by any means. However, when you look at everything you get in the box, the mobile adapter, the USB dongle and the lengthy extension cable, you really start to see the value in the overall package.

With solid build and sound quality, and a variety of connection options, we can easily recommend the Tesoro Kuven to anyone in the market for a great, flexible gaming headset that doesn’t break the bank. We are proud to award it our Technology X award for Top Value!


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Tesoro Technology is a brand name that most have probably never heard of, that being said they've been around since 2011 and are known for making stylish gaming peripherals such as headsets, keyboards, and mice, and are just recently bringing their products to the U.S. and Canada. Today we'll be taking a look at one of their more popular wired gaming headsets, the Kuven Devil  71. Virtual Gaming Headset. PACKAGING, PRICNG & SPECIFICATIONS Packaging for the headset is fairly nice looking, with a flashy purple and black color-scheme and an odd shape which is wider at the top than it…

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The Tesoro Kuven Gaming Headset offers solid build quality, decent sound quality and plenty of connection options at great price.

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