Tesoro Olivant Gaming Headset Review


Tesoro has done a great job with the Olivant as they are light and extremely comfortable yet don’t sacrifice strength and durability.

Olivant Headset

Completely blacked out predominately plastic the circular ear cups have no marking for what side is what. A quick look at where the mic plugs in on the bottom of the cup that also has the cord attached will show you there is really only one way that makes sense. The microphone plugs and turns into place so it won’t fall out during game play. It is also very flexible which is great to maneuver it how you wish in front of your mouth or out of the way. We mention the in-line remote control (IRC) which is great and all but we would rather see the controls on the headset itself as an IRC can get int the way and be tricky to find quickly.

Olivant Headset

The ear cups are connected over the top of the head by two two stiff yet flexible metal bands. The headband is floating just under those and has self-expanding  characteristics. Basically, when you put it on your head it’ll expand to the proper size to have the cups comfortably sit over your ears while also distributing the weight to the padded top band. It works perfectly for us and through out this review did not experience any discomfort from any part of the headset. The padded cups sit comfortably and the headset is firm and secure on your head.


The Sound quality of the Olivant deliver a crisp and clear sound whether you’re listening to deep bass or high chimes you’re sure to be impressed and content with the performance of the Olivant.

Olivant Headset

They aren’t much for noise cancelling at higher volumes but they do allow some what of a seal with the pads on your head around your ear. Even with the volume cranked to 11 (out of 10, haha) sound quality stays standard and no distortion was heard. Tesoro also advertises the Olivant’s multi-use flexibility but in our opinion that seems like a space filler as most cord headsets are able to plug into different devices. Depending on the case you have your device in though the plug may not fit without an adapter specifically made for the device you select.

Today we are going to be taking a look at a new headset from Tesoro, the Olivant. Tesoro Project Manager, John Lin, said it right "Gaming headsets require 3 things to be truly epic: sound quality, comfort for long duration use and durability". Tag along and see if the Olivant can live up to the expectations! PACKAGING & SPECIFICATIONS The packaging Olivant comes in is a shadowy deviant looking box which gives that intriguing yet eerie vibe. You get a quick look at the headset through the plastic window on the front. Packaged for retail you'll see the headset name as…

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Tesoro's Olivant is a great headset at a great price without sacrificing any of the necessities.

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