Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 AIO Cooler Review

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For a bigger cooler like the Floe Riing 360 you can imagine this will take up more room than your average AIO.The block is made from copper which a great surface for heat dissipation. Dimensions for the rad are slightly surprising. The height of this radiator is only 27 mm which is fairly low profile. Mixed with the height of the fans we will hit a maximum height of 52 mm. This should leave us with tons of room for other components. The pump is very standard in appearance. The braided tubing has a 360 mm length which should provide ample room for places to install. Once again we find ourselves looking at a pre-installed circle of thermal compound. We would like to see a small tube so we can apply the paste ourselves. This is Thermaltake’s solution to RGB lighting and fan control. Connectors from both the fans and pump fit into the 9 pin slots on here which are powered by a peripheral power cord. This is then hooked up to the motherboard via a USB connector. Great idea and a professional design make this a great new RGB system.  Thermaltake’s TT RGB Plus is the program you need to be able to control all of these fans/pump and RGB lighting. This is extremely easy to use and comes pre-programmed with an abundance of options for color and noise level.


Our chassis of choice for this beauty to go in is our View 71 while our processor of choice is Intel’s i7 8700k which we plan to overclock.Many back-plates in the current meta of cooling run with the same design and can most of the time be exchanged with other brands.The front attachment of the Floe Riing 360 has a different design in regards to the metal plate attachment. A locking plastic bracket attaches the main metal piece and is then attached to the back plate with four thumbscrews. Once installed the pump looked right at home. Thermaltake has specifically build their chassis with liquid cooling in mind. Our View 71 actually has specific holes for radiators. As you can see we utilized the A2 option and our radiator snugly fit into place.The opposite side to our previous picture shows how well this rad fits into place. There was just enough space in our braided tubing and we found there could be more length in the future. Our fans ended up in a push configuration due to the fact that our chassis had the perfect place to stick this radiator.

Thermaltake has always been known for their custom cooling loops and spacious chassis. Fairly new to the world of CPU coolers, we have got our hands on Thermaltake's Floe Riing 360 mm AIO.Will this large radiator and triple fan combination? Will the Floe be able to keep up with Corsair and Coolermaster's recent AIO coolers? Lets find out. Packaging & Contents Straight out of Thermaltakes flashy packaging we find a molded cardboard housing to keep all the hardware and components steady.You can see the obvious attention to detail with every piece wrapped up in cellophane and the fans enclosed in…

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Huge amounts of cooling are introduced here with the beautiful Thermaltake Floe Riing 360. This huge AIO package pleases the eye and dissipates the heat like its nothing.

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