Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 AIO Cooler Review


With every cooler review we use our trusty Aida 64 software. As we mentioned our processor of choice is the i7 8700k which is in a very spacious View 71 chassis.  Our first test was a 100 percent stress test with stock processor values. Our results were quite satisfying with the CPU temperature staying at an average temp of 42°C while the package temp stayed a cool 52.8°C.

Our second test we pushed our processor a little farther with a 4.9 Ghz overclock with an extra 1.00 V offset. We saw a little more than 10°C higher temps witch is pretty standard as overclocking puts a lot more strain on the heat dissipation. Were quite happy with these results. In addition to our performance tests we like to add the amount of sound given off by the pump and radiator fans. We hit 40 dBa which is the equivalent of a quiet neighborhood. Thanks to Thermaltake and their Floe Riing 360 for keeping our processor calm cool and collective.

Final Thoughts

Cooling is a huge deal when deciding the longevity of your processor. With any liquid cooler or high quality air cooler you are going to find the stress on your processor is almost non existent. Thermaltake has taken cooling and good looks to a whole new level. Ascetically as you can see in the picture below, RGB is absolutely out of control here. You can do almost anything with the Thermaltake app and impress anyone who see yours PC.The performance of the Floe Riing 360 AIO is impressive to say the least. The temperatures that came out of our tests and the limited amount of noise made creates a wonderful experience. This AIO comes in at a semi budget $175 USD on Amazon at the time of this review. This cooler has definitely won the Midas touch and brings home the gold seal.


Thermaltake has always been known for their custom cooling loops and spacious chassis. Fairly new to the world of CPU coolers, we have got our hands on Thermaltake's Floe Riing 360 mm AIO.Will this large radiator and triple fan combination? Will the Floe be able to keep up with Corsair and Coolermaster's recent AIO coolers? Lets find out. Packaging & Contents Straight out of Thermaltakes flashy packaging we find a molded cardboard housing to keep all the hardware and components steady.You can see the obvious attention to detail with every piece wrapped up in cellophane and the fans enclosed in…

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Huge amounts of cooling are introduced here with the beautiful Thermaltake Floe Riing 360. This huge AIO package pleases the eye and dissipates the heat like its nothing.

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