Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Commander Gaming Gear Combo Review

Furthermore the keyboard has a windows key lock function which will lock out the windows key so you will no longer have a pesky start menu popping up ruining game play due to an accidental windows key click. Key repeat rate is also adjustable to two speeds, slow and fast to provide the user with even more personalization options.

Repeat Rate Keys

Last, but not least we have one that any gamer is sure to appreciate, the ability to switch your W, A, S and D keys function with those of the arrow keys located to the left of the onboard number pad, simply by clicking the Fn key and “W”. Whether you prefer the use of left hand movement controls or presetting gaming shortcuts on keys this function will impress you and help you overcome your darkest foes. All these functions along with amazing feedback from the depression of each individual key gives us nothing but promising thoughts for the Commander Keyboard.


The fun doesn’t stop there though, we move over to the mouse and it just as visually appealing as its counterpart with the blue lit dragon on the aft end. The Commander mouse carries it’s mean and aggressive look over with its rigid dark frame.

commander2 008_Fotor_clipped_rev_2

Our hand just seems to fall right into place on the Commander Mouse’s smooth and sleek rubberized shell. All while boasting 143 cm cord giving us lots of room for play and desktop accessibility.

Mouse top_clipped_rev_1

The functionality of the Commander is that of a basic mouse with a few tweaks, giving us our left and right buttons and a very responsive and rubbery textured scroll wheel which even the slightest grip of your finger will rotate. There are also two side buttons for easily navigating back and forward. This function is always a benefit but the side buttons are only on the left side of the mouse gearing it towards right handed users.

Gaming gear mouse bottom _clipped_rev_1

Finally we get to the CPI button located below the scroll wheel which gives us the ability to adjust on the fly between four DPI’s, 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400. This is always an added benefit for those who like the ability to switch from long strafes to precision headshots quickly and efficiently.


Tt eSPORTS gives a basic warranty with the combo. It’s a two year limited warranty which basically states they will replace or fix your keyboard or mouse for two year period from the date of purchase given the product hasn’t been modified, taken apart, scratched of serial numbers. So, basically as you didn’t cause the keyboard to stop functioning and it’s something in the product itself they’ll cover it.


The Commander Gaming Gear Combo overall is a steal at $29.99 USD from the Ttesports website. The backlit keyboard allowing in-the-dark gaming as well as an overall cool look with its metallic border inserts demands… no, it commands respect in even the darkest valley of cyberspace. The multimedia keys as well as shortcut keys give the keyboard even a friendly feel for those who just want a good everyday keyboard for basic computer use. A spill response system that funnels accidental water leakage down and out of your keyboard is in our opinion one of the best features we have seen in a while as it shows Tt eSPORTS is ensuring they cover all consumers concerns. From Spills, to accessibility to responsiveness. Pairing this keyboard with the on-the-fly DPI control of mouse all tipping at such a low price makes the Commander Combo and unreal combo!


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Here we have it, a gaming keyboard mouse combo that looks cool, feels good and doesn’t hurt the wallet. From the first look at the packaging you can see this combo means business. Today we are looking at Thermaltake's Tt eSPORTS Commander Gaming Gear Combo It’s easy to see where this duo got their name from with its rigid black frame with metallic border inserts this combo commands respect. We will separate the two and kick it off with the keyboard. THERMALTAKE COMMANDER KEYBOARD The Commander Keyboard is mean, aggressive and exactly the look you would want to pluck your foes…

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Solid Value!

With an amazing look, feel at such a low price this is an impressive combo. We would only like to see an ambidextrous mouse next time.

User Rating: 3.93 ( 11 votes)

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  1. Good commentary covering the features and feel of the ‘board and pictures give a good impression of the looks and style. I just found the perfect replacement for my fading Logi k/b. Thx for the review

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