Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS THERON Infrared Gaming Mouse Review – The THERON Returns With A New Infrared Sensor!


We tested the THERON Infrared gaming mouse with the two different game types listed previously: Counter-Strike (FPS game) and World of Warcraft (MMORPG), and for both games the mouse performed very well. With Counter-Strike, we reduced the DPI setting to 500 DPI, this allows for the mouse to be moved further in order to move the cursor. In turn, this allows for more precision within the FPS game itself, as you do not need to move the mouse as erratically to snipe your prey.

Counter Strike Test

In World of Warcraft, we set the Macro button found on the right side of the keyboard to a perform a series of attacks found within the game. As we mentioned earlier, the limitation of using an FPS gaming mouse with a MMO game is that there are less buttons to be utilized for different macros, and in this case only one macro could be preset.

World of Warcraft Test

In general Windows usage, the THERON Infrared performed very well across all polling rates and DPI levels. The only inconvenience that could be possible when using a gaming mouse for every day Windows use, is that the macro button could possibly become more of a pain rather than a convenience. Without the right-side button locked, it is very easy to open an application many times, which we found out the hard way.

Tt eSPORTS has the THERON Infrared listed with a MSRP of $59.99, but a further search result on Amazon shows us that the mouse can be purchased for $57.95. Further investigation proves the THERON Infrared’s price point to be inline with other infrared gaming mice, and to further be found in the middle pricing range when considering other gaming mice.

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS THERON Infrared Gaming Mouse

For a gaming mouse with above average performance to be placed in the middle of the pack, in regards to pricing, makes the THERON Infrared one of the better choices when shopping around for your next gaming mouse. From all of the included features and components, to the easy to use GUI and great performance, the THERON Infrared is well deserving of Technology X’s Gold Seal award! If you would like to learn more about Thermaltake and Tt eSPORTS, please visit there website here!

Tech X Gold Seal Opt

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With the upcoming release of Respawn's Titanfall, one can only sit back and prepare their gaming systems for the intense game. Whether you are just getting into the gaming scene, or you are an avid gamer, one of the most important aspects of your gaming rig is your mouse. While it is important to note that hardware does not make you a better gamer, it can still enhance your gaming experience and help you master your skills. Today, Technology X is taking a look at the Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS THERON Infrared gaming mouse. If you are buying your first gaming…

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