Turtle Beach Earforce Z22 & Z60 Amplified PC Gaming Headset Review


Just as we drooled over the packaging for the Z22 PC Gaming Headset, we did the same thing for the Z60. The minimalistic design leaves you wanting more. What really hits home when you take a look at the front of the packaging is the logo found in the bottom right corner … DTS Headphone.X. After our review of the Turtle Beach Earforce i60 Wireless Media Headset, we were dying to get a chance to test out 7.1 channel surround sound again!

Z60 Box Front_clipped_rev_1 Z60 Box Back_clipped_rev_1

Of course, taking a look at the back of the packaging we can see the various goodies that are included with the surround sound gaming headset.


Sliding off the exterior cover, you will find inside the box the Z60 Gaming Headset with it’s removable microphone boom, as well as the Z60 In-line Surround Sound control unit, the quick start guide and of course a Turtle Beach sticker.

Z60 Contents_clipped_rev_1

The first thing that caught our eye is the removable microphone boom. The microphone boom fits just beside the audio cable found on the left ear cup. It can easily be detached and attached, depending your gaming needs.

Z60 Headband Top_clipped_rev_1 Z60 Headband Bottom_clipped_rev_1

Starting from the top again, this gaming headset features a piece of heavy-duty plastic along the top of the headband. Below this though is an insanely comfortable mesh cushion that will sit between your head and the headset. It’s common for some headsets that have harder headbands, particularly with leather, to be less comfortable. The Z60, however, doesn’t give you that feeling at all. This is probably the biggest point to highlight with Turtle Beach, is that from what we have tested, their headsets are by far the most comfortable.

Z60 Earcup Interior_clipped_rev_1

Moving down the headset, we reach the over-ear ear cups that also feature that breathable mesh and memory foam within. The Z60 ear cups not only feature tilting in an up-and-down motion, but the ear cups can also swivel left and right. This further allows for great versatility and comfort.


Inside those insanely comfortable ear cups, you will find a 60mm neodymium speaker in each. The audio produced by the Z60 is nothing short of amazing. 7.1 Channel surround sound is phenomenal, regardless of whether you are in the middle of a battle field listening as helicopters soar over your head, while bullets zip by or watching a movie on your computer and hearing background noises to a precise detail (which can be good and bad depending on if you are watching a horror flick). Ultimately, if you have the opportunity to pick an easy upgrade for phenomenal audio, 7.1 Channel Surround Sound is the way to go.

Z60 Mic_clipped_rev_1

A few months back we took a look at the Turtle Beach i60 Wireless Media Headset that featured 7.1 Channel Surround Sound. Now, we have the opportunity to test drive the first PC gaming headset to ever feature DTS Headphone.X. The video below indicates just how exactly Turtle Beach is able to produce such amazing surround sound and audio out of their headsets.

Next up, is the Z60 Surround Sound Control Unit. This unit allows for you to control chat and game volume, enable/disable the microphone and switch between the various surround sound modes, which is indicated by the LED lights found on the front of the control unit. Of course, this control unit also features Dynamic Chat Boost, as described with the Z22 gaming headset.

Z60 Inline Amp_clipped_rev_1

When it comes to PC gaming headsets there are few manufacturers in the industry that need no introduction. Today, Technology X has the privilege to delve deep into this category with none other than Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach has more than 35 years of audio experience, which means they have probably been producing high quality audio headsets longer than most of their users have been able to walk or talk. The two headsets being reviewed today are the Turtle Beach Earforce Z22 Amplified PC Gaming Headset and the Turtle Beach Earforce Z60 7.1 Channel Surround Sound PC Amplified Gaming Headset. TURTLE…

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Turtle Beach is so consistent at producing phenomenal sounding headsets that they're practically running away from the competition. The Turtle Beach Z22 and Z60 PC Gaming Headsets are of the best feeling, most comfortable and best sounding headsets to date. Well proving why the Z22 is an official headset of Major League Gaming!

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  1. hat the Z60, and i must say its a worthles headset that does not work properly at all,the 7.1 is not supported by the headset every time u want to config it to 7.1 than a popup add up saying this device does not support 7.1 audio,no i have sennheiser pc 363D much better than turtle beach shit

  2. Dont make the mistake to buy Z60, have the soundboard integrated in his controller and each 10-15seconds got interrupts, i’ve changed 2 times this headset but have the same problem, after all i opted to change them with PX22, definetly better!!!

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