Turtle Beach Earforce Z22 & Z60 Amplified PC Gaming Headset Review


The best way to describe the Turtle Beach Z22, without actually hearing them for yourself, is that there is a reason it is an official head set of Major League Gaming. The performance, audio and comfort make this an easy choice when comparing it to similar headsets. The consistency is key, especially when it comes to gaming. The last thing you want is to jump into a MMO or multiplayer game and be ridiculed for having a crappy headset. With the Turtle Beach, that would never be the case.


The Turtle Beach Z60 is truly jaw-dropping. The overall comfort of the headset is superb, the removable microphone boom is an ingenious concept and 7.1 Channel Surround Sound basically speaks for itself. You really can’t go wrong with the Turtle Beach Z60. The first gaming headset to ever feature 7.1 Channel Surround Sound will be your new best friend!

I’m It becomes difficult to compare these models, when they are geared to different markets (however not varying by much). The similarities between the headsets is the consistent audio quality, being insanely comfortable and light weight, and both feature an inline amplifier. When it comes to the differences between these headsets, really the same points can be considered. It’s hard to switch back to the Z22 after hearing 7.1 Channel Surround Sound be pumped out of the Z60, however the inline amplifier on the Z22 is much more advanced and has more features than the Z60. Both headsets also feature USB plug and play, which makes set up a breeze! The price point for the Turtle Beach Z22 is listed at $98.95, and the Z60 gaming headset is listed at $119.95 (which is a phenomenal starting price considering Turtle Beach released this headset on September 12th 2014).

Z60 Mic_clipped_rev_1 Z22 Featured_clipped_rev_1

When push comes to shove, Turtle Beach is the true winner when it comes to producing a gaming headset that doesn’t disappoint. You can rest easily knowing that if it is made by Turtle Beach, the end product that you receive in your hands will be that of high quality. Through our testing of these headsets, and past headsets, Turtle Beach has proven that it’s consistent high-quality audio is key to success. Nevermind the facts that these are some of the most comfortable headsets you will ever try on and have a crisp and clear microphone to boot! If you and to sum up these headsets in one word, then the side of the Turtle Beach Z60’s box says is best … revolutionary. It is for this reason that we award Turtle Beach with Technology X’s Gold Seal of Approval!

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When it comes to PC gaming headsets there are few manufacturers in the industry that need no introduction. Today, Technology X has the privilege to delve deep into this category with none other than Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach has more than 35 years of audio experience, which means they have probably been producing high quality audio headsets longer than most of their users have been able to walk or talk. The two headsets being reviewed today are the Turtle Beach Earforce Z22 Amplified PC Gaming Headset and the Turtle Beach Earforce Z60 7.1 Channel Surround Sound PC Amplified Gaming Headset. TURTLE…

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Turtle Beach is so consistent at producing phenomenal sounding headsets that they're practically running away from the competition. The Turtle Beach Z22 and Z60 PC Gaming Headsets are of the best feeling, most comfortable and best sounding headsets to date. Well proving why the Z22 is an official headset of Major League Gaming!

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  1. hat the Z60, and i must say its a worthles headset that does not work properly at all,the 7.1 is not supported by the headset every time u want to config it to 7.1 than a popup add up saying this device does not support 7.1 audio,no i have sennheiser pc 363D much better than turtle beach shit

  2. Dont make the mistake to buy Z60, have the soundboard integrated in his controller and each 10-15seconds got interrupts, i’ve changed 2 times this headset but have the same problem, after all i opted to change them with PX22, definetly better!!!

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