Typo for iPad Air Review – A Big Step Forward!


The Typo keyboard easily pairs to your iPad via bluetooth. On the right side of the keyboard you will find the power switch, as well as the bluetooth button. You will also find a micro USB port here as well.

Typo Keyboard iPad-1

The overall use of the near fullsize keyboard, that is only 5mm thick we may add, is smooth and swift. The keyboard is very easy to set up and is an extremely useful addition to your iPad Air.

Typo Keyboard iPad-2

The battery life was super, as we achieved nearly a week of constant usage without even thinking about giving it a charge. Typo reports that due to it’s high-capacity battery it will last up to a year on a single charge, which may take some time to test. In the meantime, you have three indicator lights found at the top right of the keyboard that light up to let you know when the keyboard is powered on.

Typo Keyboard iPad-4

It also has an included smart Typo Auto-Correct, which reintroduces typing shortcuts that were previously unavailable on bluetooth keyboards. We found this to be convenient, but it is not going to make or break the keyboard. Typing on this keyboard was the only way for us to truly say we were impressed, which we found to be comfortable and natural. The keyboard shortcuts quickly let you navigate through your iPad with ease.

Typo Keyboard iPad-5


Overall we are very impressed with the latest product from Typo. Its attempt is to bridge the gap between the iPad and laptops, and it does just that! Listed at $149 on the Typo website and on Amazon, you really do get what you pay for. It is priced a little higher than what you would normally see other bluetooth keyboards at, but those keyboards will not stack up to the quality of this keybaord. Actually, we would even venture to say that you will probably end up purchasing a new iPad Air before even considering to replace this keyboard. This is a solid iPad accessory that we recommend to anyone who already uses a bluetooth keyboard, and to those who may just be considering the option. Typo and their latest product are well deserving of our Gold Seal of Approval!

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If you remember a little while back in June of this year, Blackberry put the gears to Typo as they settled their dispute of IP infringement. Essentially, this prevents Typo from making any more smartphone keyboards. While the full terms of the settlement were not released, we do know that Typo must "permanently discontinue selling anywhere in the world keyboards for smartphones and mobile devices with a screen size of less than 7.9 inches." Enter the Typo for iPad Air and Mini! The Typo for iPad Air is their first attempt at creating a keyboard for a larger device, this full…

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The Typo Keyboard for iPad Air is an excellent accessory and well worth its price point. As far as we can see, there isn't much to complain about with Typo's latest creation!

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