Zagg Flex Arc Wireless Headset Review


The Flex Arc is very easy to connect simply turn on Bluetooth on your device and then hold down the power button on the Flex Arc for 3-5 seconds. The unit will vibrate signalling it is on and you should see it in on your device.First thing you hear is the speakers when you play music and the headphones are still in the shell. The tiny 13mm speaker drivers allow the Flex Arc to have a thin sleek look to them but sound quality has taken a bit of a hit. DSC00256_Fotor_clipped_rev_1The music that comes from the speakers is very mid-high range with almost no recognizable bass. If you’re a audiophile these external speakers will not be for you. The 6mm earbud drivers sound better but we still feel are a little lacking on the bass. The wireless calling and voice control work flawlessly and phone calls with the Flex Arc is effortless. The idea of retracting headphones that automatically switch between the speaker setting and headphone setting is awesome. The issue with this for us came when we first hit the retract buttons on the headphones, they snap back so fast it almost seems like over time it would damage the headphones. DSC00261_Fotor_clipped_rev_1Also, the location of the retract button being so close to the power and play/pause button caused us to sometimes click the retract button by accident and it would rip the earbud out. Over time you’ll know which is which but can be  little annoying at first. Maybe changing the shape or position of the retract buttons would alleviate this issue. As for retracting to fast, we started holding the earbud as we clicked the retract button so we could guide the earbud in under control and also with the proper orientation.


The Flex Arc is a great innovative piece of equipment. Besides the lack of bass this product is outstanding. You can wear it for hours and not even notice it’s there. Being able to listen to music in ear or through speaker is a great concept especially when sometimes earbuds when in for a long time can get a little uncomfortable. Finding a way to have the earbuds retract at a slower rate and ensuring that they always retract back in the proper orientation are some food for thought ideas we’d like to offer Zagg. We are more then sure that we will be seeing a successor to the Flex Arc in the future and we look forward to that. Since the Flex Arc is not available yet we aren’t able to nail down any amazon pricing but the MSRP is set at $99.99. Which is a good price for such a stylish and innovative piece. While on the top of innovative, the Flex Arc has earned our Innovation Award!

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Pepcom brought us in touch this year with many new products and companies. Standing out on an innovation front to us was Zagg. They introduced us to the Flex Arc Wireless Headset. Which will be available in February of 2016.PACKAGING & CONTENTS Zagg has given us a fairly plain and basic packaging. Nothing really jumps out at you as far as design or colouring of the box. Predominately white with red the packaging, it is in our opinion geared to zero your sight in at the Flex Arc centered on the front.This is a set of headphones like we have…

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The Flex Arc Wireless is a great new product and we look forward to the future of this audio option.

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