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Google Play as well as iOS both have the availability of TomTom’s MySports app. This will act as your medium when dealing with the device and track all your statistics.

Opening the app and connecting your Touch, you’ll encounter is the Activities page. This page will display your steps (daily/weekly), Body Composition reading from that day as well as progress of any goals you have made.

Activities Drop Down Menu Device Info

The Goals screen is where you will be able to edit your goals. Creating sports goals or body goals. In sports goals you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different activities or include all in your goal, as well as the ability to track them by duration or distance and set a time period by week or month.

Body goals are somewhat self-explanatory as well as you can aim for target weight, body fat, or muscle mass. Now you may be asking yourself, how does this wearable device measure my body fat and muscle mass?! Simple! The Touch sends a harmless current through your body measuring the resistance the current encounters. This is why when taking your body composition it is important to ensure you are properly hydrated as well as try and take the reading at roughly the same time under the same conditions each day to provide the most accurate reading possible.

DSC02589_FotorFor the purpose of this review we have added a Body goal of 20% body fat, our initial reading was 22.5%.

The remainder of the tabs allow you to edit your profile and settings as well as keep track of your device and notifications if you so wish to receive them.

Overall experience with the app was positive as it was easy to use and navigate. Tom Tom has made a device that allows you to not only stay informed but also stay interested and through making a visually, as well as user friendly interface, the Touch kept us tuned in and motivated to better our statistics.


Initially we wore the Touch a little too tight which caused us some discomfort but later learned that the touch doesn’t require to be that tight at all to track function properly and too conduct Body Mass measurements. When loosened off and worn you barely notice the weight.

Overtime the area around the sensor started to itch for us, but that could be simply because we aren’t used to wearing fitness trackers around our wrist and it could take a little longer to get used to. This is avoidable by not wearing it consistently for so long but some features such as the sleep monitor will require you to keep the device on. The feature of monitoring your sleep is quite accurate as well as timed it a few times the best we could and the results were accurate.

Tom Tom Touch

We enjoyed the simplicity of the touch. It’s small, yet it has all the functions necessary to keep you interested and motivated. Whether you like counting the calories you burn or the distance you travel, the Touch will give you that little extra push to get to where you want to be.

The Touch at the time of this review was available on Amazon for $189.99 CDN and will is a Silver Seal recipient.

Tech X Silver Seal Opt


Fitness trackers. Now, hearing the name alone leaves some excited and some spiteful as there is a very broad spectrum of appreciation for these tiny little motivators. A lot of people will say, well they aren’t accurate, they don’t factor everything in. While others swear by them and they do so for what they are, Motivators. Devices designed to give you that little extra push when you need it the most or to help you accomplish what you have set out to. Today we are going to take a look at a Fitness tracker from a company previous to this review…

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Tom Tom's release of the touch will keep you motivated and keep you chasing the goals you set for yourself! Stay motivated and get a Touch!

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