Corsair K65 RGB Rapid Fire Edition Gaming Keyboard Review


Corsair’s efforts as far as the software for their gaming line is outstanding, understandably a little intimidating if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into but none the less exquisite. Adapting to “CUE” allows all your Corsair peripherals to synchronize lighting patterns just making you look that much more cool. We are going to help ease the tension and show you some of our stand out points to the software.

SW AssignmentsThe first screen you’ll open up to is above, we have right-clicked on the “Y” key as an example of the menu options available from this, the Assignments, page. Here you will be able to program any key on the K65 to function in anyway you want, within reason. Probably the most curious to you will be the macro ability. Below you will see the screen for macro’s.SW macroIf you haven’t dealt with macro’s before you may be a little overwhelmed by the abilities of this software but rest-assured it’s not to hard to pick up. In the case of making macro’s it’s practice makes perfect mixed with trial and error. The ability to program any key for any function, mixed with the ability to save and load profiles for different games ensures your Rapid Fire never runs out of ammo.

Secondly, comes the lighting. If not the gaming ability, this is the function you purchased the K65 for and we can’t fault you for that either. The functionality and customization of the lighting on this board is second to none.SW LightingThe possibilities to lighting this board are endless. Whether you’re setting your board up for an aesthetics show or to black out everything but the keys you need each key is individually programmable in any way you can think up through the “advanced settings” tab you can get into specifics such as MOBA or FPS setups. For the more simple “stand effects  you can see the “effect” tab and there are many there that will appease you. Our favourite is the Ripple effect which sends out a random coloured ripple from each key you press, turning your keyboard into a magnificent show of colour.

K65_RAPIDFIRE_RGB_NA_03_Fotor_clipped_rev_1For our enthusiast and heavy gaming fan-base we definitely support Corsair’s claim of 100% anti-ghosting and full key rollover. We had no problems what so ever as hard as we tried we couldn’t ghost. Kudo’s Corsair, Kudo’s!

Big things come in small packages, that's what we have dubbed our motto for the today' review of the Corsair K65 Rapid Fire. This keyboard will unequivocally impress and leave you satisfied with your purchase. PACKAGING, CONTENTS & PRICE The Rapid Fire is the big brother of the compact K65 family. Presenting itself in a glossy black box with yellow accents you see a sleek angled glance of the keyboard on the box's front.The words "RAPID FIRE" shining in silver at the bottom tell you what this mod of the K65 is about.Helping you get those double or triple-clicks in…

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The K65 Rapid Fire is a spot-on keyboard for the enthusiast who needs efficient and timed perfection. The price may just be out of the budget gamer realm.

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