Adata i-Memory 64GB iPhone Flash Drive Review


There is no doubt that the drive does it’s job and does it well. Video playback was seemless and worked as desired. Data transfer speeds were fairly sub-par though. Running through a simple transfer of a video we experienced a transfer rate of 19.4MB/S

Adata 64gb i-Memory

Running it through Aida64 we experienced the same performance

Adata i-Memory 64gb

Now, as you can see this is far below that of usual USB 3.0 throughput is capable of. Therefore you are going to have wait to move large files to the drive or off the drive.


The i-Memory flash drive is a great piece of kit and it’s slow transfer speeds are no reason to shy away from this drive.

Adata i-Memory 64gb

The pro’s far out weigh the cons on this one. Being able to share any file between devices without having to log into iTunes is a gift for anyone. File sharing has never been so available with iDevices as it is now. the Adata 64GB i-Memory Flash drive has impressed us and made our lives a heck of a lot easier. For that we are happy to award them with our Editors Choice Award!


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Data transfer and backup has always been one of the hot topics when it comes to i-products. Have you backed up lately? Do you need to again? Also, are you even near your computer when you thought of this? Will you remember later? The questions can go on for days, but there is an answer and a great one at that, Adata's new i-Memory 64GB Flash Drive. PACKAGING, PRICING, SPECIFICATIONS                                                The packaging is a sleek and slender as the drive itself, no bigger then a key fob for a car at 16grams packed in dimensions of 61mm x…

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Adata's i-Memory drives are a great solution for the on the go person who wants to share their photos, videos or anything else!

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