In Win D-Frame Mini Case Review – The Coolest Lanbox on The Block


The drive cages are very similar to that of the original D-Frame and are surprisingly simple to detach and attach although we would have preferred it to having a true tool-less design since taking the plates off requires a screw driver and was a bit of a hassle compared to most newer cases that are tool-less. But with a case that is designed to be moved we understand that securing the drives properly is important. For that we can’t really knock the decision.


Just like the original D-Frame, The D-Frame Mini lacks any sort of filtration as it is an open air chassis, this may be a huge turn off to some but is definitely not a deal breaker to us! Keeping it clean is definitely an issue but something as unique as this case has its trade offs.



The back has cut outs for cable routing on the lower portion in addition to the pass-throughs, which are well placed but we would have liked a bit more room for the 4-8 Pin CPU connector and a bit more clearance for wires from the glass as well as a cutout behind the CPU socket for cooler changes, which means the motherboard must be removed every time you would want to change the CPU Cooling solution.


The case also features a bracket for fans or a Radiator as explained in the last page. This is something the original D-Frame lacked and is a very welcome addition.  Unfortunately like the original D-Frame there is no vibration dampening for fans.


The D-Frame Mini can accommodate a PSU up to 220mm in length and most if not all PSUs will fit with extra room to spare for your cable routing. Which is something we like quite a bit. You also have the ability to mount it from the bottom or top of the case another nice touch.

Over the past few years In Win has established a reputation for making some of the most well built cases available. With entries such as the 904, the S-Frame and the original D-Frame, which like most In Win cases, was very well built! It had sharp lines and had craftsmanship that is unheard of from most other chassis manufacturers. Today we have newest addition to In Win's lineup the D-Frame Mini which is a smaller mini-ITX version of the original and lighter on your wallet. The D-Frame Mini is retailing at $290 at time of writing. Can it measure up…

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Mini Beast!

The In Win D-Frame Mini Chassis is one of the most unique chassis' that we get the privilege to experience hands-on. Minus the price tag, you will be very happy with your purchase!

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  1. I have noticed that only negative reviews are people that can’t afford this or have never owned. This is the best case I have ever owned hands down. So solid the construction! Looks strong and unique. I have the red one so went red and black with parts. Msi 980 gtx, pro ssd, 2 red cougar 120mm led fans surrounding the cooler master evo cooler. Temps are awesome max was 70c with the msi and no extra cooling just the cards own fans. The i5 processor always is cool max in the 40’s when gaming, otherwise in 30’s for surfing etc. Dust is not an issue in fact this collects less dust then any case I have ever owned. When I do dust it just unplug it and dust it as no panels to remove, so nice to just glance at it and see my video card, and other parts. This case does not slide on my desk and also you can place it in 4 positions but my favorite is standing up as then it takes up no more space then a shoe box mini itx. Only wish it came in Blue or Green, only negative! I use to always want a new case the next best thing, this has ended with this case. Now if only I can find the perfect phone and car lol some of you know what I am talking about but as far as this case I feel its superior to all others including case labs mini itx, anything from Falcon, Digital Storm, In wins other designs, Silverstone and Lian Li I have checked them all out, The Prodigy I give a 3 on a 1-10 remember the weeble wobbles?

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