Corsair Spec-06 Chassis Review

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We found that light reflected wildly off this chassis so we decided to use some shade to show you the insides of Corsair’s Spec-06.Corsair has created a very easy to remove front panel for the installation of radiators or intake fans. This supports up to a 360 mm radiator to make cooling simple. Included is a magnetic particulate filter to eliminate dust from making its way inside.
When you think of PSU shrouds, the thought that comes to mind is the ability to remove them to install with ease. This is not the case here with our Spec-06. It is attached by grommets right to the frame of the chassis and unable to be moved. As you can see here Corsair provides two standard airflow fans which means you are going to have to go out and purchase your own if you intend to make an effort to cool this baby. You can quite clearly see the intake and the space you have for it. A 360 mm radiator would actually continue down into that cutout. This is not seen very much in today’s market and we love this design.  On the top of the internal part of this chassis we see room for a 240 mm radiator. You may want to install cables before installing fans as space will be an issue here. You can see Corsair’s chassis has pre-installed standoffs for up to ATX boards. The huge rectangle is a great feature here and provides plenty of space to stick in an aftermarket cooler of your choice. This chassis is built to be a more compact budget chassis and it surprises us to see rubber cable grommets for managing the cables. On the right of these grommets is space for two 2.5″ drives with an additional 2 quick release mounts on the rear of the chassis. A lone 120 mm rad or fan exhaust area comprises the rear of the inside. In the future we would like to see space for a 140 mm fan.We see here on the back is the space for the PSU. Rubber feet are installed to give it a comfy home. Wires from the front LED strip come stock installed and run from front to back, or back to front if your backwards, and look professionally installed. Now is our opportunity to build in this compact goddess.

Canadian summers are hot and short and feel like they are always coming to an end. Before the leaves start falling and the white, cold and wet stuff starts tumbling from the sky we took the opportunity to go outside and get some great photos.Today we are going to be taking an in-depth look at Corsairs new addition to their Spec family, the Spec-06. We always tend to side with the flat black or gloss black chassis on our site so we thought we would switch it up with an all white chassis. Lets see what Corsair has to offer…

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Corsair bridges the gap between budget and quality here. Brings the best of both sides which creates a chassis every gamer and enthusiast will enjoy.

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