Corsair Spec-06 Chassis Review

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When you think of a budget compact chassis, quality rarely comes to mind. Corsair’s brand new Spec-06 fills a void and bridges the two words. Corsair has developed an amazing competitor that is among the best in its weight class. This chassis gives you two different color options, a beautiful RGB accent and tempered glass to show to all your friends that you mean business.Internally the space is limited and might take more time than expected to build, however once it is finished you will never look back. We applaud to the development of the Corsair Spec-06 and we encourage you to go pick up this budget powerhouse and gold seal winning product today!


Canadian summers are hot and short and feel like they are always coming to an end. Before the leaves start falling and the white, cold and wet stuff starts tumbling from the sky we took the opportunity to go outside and get some great photos.Today we are going to be taking an in-depth look at Corsairs new addition to their Spec family, the Spec-06. We always tend to side with the flat black or gloss black chassis on our site so we thought we would switch it up with an all white chassis. Lets see what Corsair has to offer…

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Design and Packaging

Budget Godess

Corsair bridges the gap between budget and quality here. Brings the best of both sides which creates a chassis every gamer and enthusiast will enjoy.

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