Gigabyte F2A88X-UP4 AMD Motherboard Review


While this motherboard doesn’t feature Gigabyte’s 3 separate interface solution, we don’t mind since it is a bit simpler just including the “Classic” mode which has all the necessary features you’d want and expect.

Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios Main

We see here the most important part of the UEFI, the M.I.T. section where all our overclocking magic happens. On the bottom of the screen you see basic system information, the BIOS version, CPU frequency, memory frequency, temperature and voltages.

Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios MITGigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios Overclocking







Here we see the first of two sub pages, current M.I.T. status, which as its name suggests shows current status of the motherboard. The second page we see is the advanced frequency settings page which has the CPU clock control or BLCK, Processor graphics clock, Northbridge frequency, CPU Clock ratio, as well as memory profile and speeds.

Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios Memory Settings Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios Voltage settings


The Advanced Memory Settings sub menu has everything related to memory timings. From here, you can choose AMP or XMP memory profiles or set things manually if so inclined. The Advanced Voltage Settings is just as the name implies and holds all the areas to adjust CPU, Memory, and several other key voltages.

Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios PC Health
The PC Health Status sub menu gives you real time voltage and fans speed information and is also where you can control your fans from some preset profiles.

Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios features

The last sub menu in the M.I.T. section is Miscellaneous Settings.

Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios Sysinfo

For the less exciting side of the UEFI we see System info giving us the current BIOS version being used as well as the model name of the motherboard, system time and date and current language.

Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios Peripherals

Covering BIOS features we see our boot device options as well as fast boot and security settings finally we have peripherals which is self explanatory.

Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios Power Managment Gigabyte F2A88X UP4 Bios exit






Finally rounding off we have power management and the final page where all your saved profiles go. All in all it is a very functional UEFI and gives us all the settings one would need when using a system on this platform.

Thanks to our friends at AMD we are glad to bring you a Gigabyte A88X UP4 Motherboard Review. This board came with our test kit of the AMD A8 7650K APU which was a pleasant surprise thanks to our experiences in the past with other Gigabyte boards like the Z97X UD3-BK and the X99-UD3P so naturally we have some high expectations, does this motherboard meet them? Let's find out! UNBOXING AND PACKAGING  Taking a look at the front of the box we see Gigabyte listing off their Ultra Durable branding, as well as product features we will be going over later on…

Review Overview


Ultra Durable!

As one of the top motherboards on FM2+ this is a feature packed board that is worth its price. If you plan on building an APU system this one definitely deserves your attention!

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  1. what happened to the way you done the pictures from the other Gigabyte board. When it comes to the BIOS it should have been laid out the way where its more of a gallery

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