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Patriot Viper V770 Gaming Keyboard Review

Since our attendance at CES Patriots 70 Series of peripherals has been anticipated anxiously, we’ve brought to you the V370 gaming headset and the V550 gaming mouse, today we have the final piece to the Viper puzzle and that is the V770 Gaming Keyboard. Today is launch day for the V770 and we look forward to getting this one open …

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Patriot Viper V570 Gaming Mouse Review

You may recognize Patriots ’70 series from our informal introduction at CES 2017. Recently we posted our in depth review of the 370  (Headset) and today we will take a look at the V570 gaming mouse. As gaming mice come they are available in a plethora of different styles and setups. With every review we post we hope to get …

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Today meeting with Patriot we got a first glance at their 30 and 70 series of gaming peripherals. The 30 series being a more entry level set of peripherals while the 70 series steps up above the 60 series for the more experienced gamer. Pictured above you get a first glance at the 70 series. The Keyboard comes full RGB …

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