Today meeting with Patriot we got a first glance at their 30 and 70 series of gaming peripherals. The 30 series being a more entry level set of peripherals while the 70 series steps up above the 60 series for the more experienced gamer. dsc02551_fotorPictured above you get a first glance at the 70 series. The Keyboard comes full RGB with a palm-rest that itself comes with RGB lighting. Equipped with five left-hand software programmable macro keys in addition to the 108 fully customizable keys and Red-Kailh switches.dsc02552_fotor The 70 series as you can see is just a beautifully refined set of peripherals. The mouse is geared towards FPS style action with 13 programmable buttons but will still keep you happy regardless of style. With a dedicated sniper button dropping your DPI to pin point precision on the fly and adjustable weight, the only limitation you’ll have is your own skill.dsc02554_fotorPatriot also is releasing a 256GB microSDXC card, class 10, U3 qualified, allowing sequential speeds up to 90mb/s reads and 80mb/s writes. Backed by a two-year warranty and an MSRP of $199 this will be an essential piece of kit for the photography professional or drone enthusiast.

Stay tuned as we bring you more from CES ’17.

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