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MSI Teases Us With the GTX 980Ti Lightning Graphics Card

MSI has not released their powerhouse graphics card series we all know as the Lightning series on the GM204 based architecture, this is because they were waiting for the big Maxwell. Well we know the big Maxwell is here in the Titan X line up of graphics cards. Now MSI has rumoured that the GTX 980Ti Lightning is incoming sometime …

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Nvidia Pascal to Offer 10 Times the Performance of Titan X

Nvidia may have just released their latest flagship GPU, the Titan X, which utilizes current Maxwell GPU architecture, but that wont stop them from talking about what’s next.¬†Announced last year, Nvidia’s next-generation Pascal GPU architecture has finally been detailed, and its performance claims are impressive. NVIDIA PASCAL DETAILS As we can see in the slide below, Nvidia is claiming that …

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