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Huawei Watch GT2 Review – Unmatchable 14 Day Battery Life

Historically,  there has always been a trade-off in the smart watch industry.  You made the choice of a watch with great features… or you chose a one with a longer battery life. Is it a smart watch or a fitness tracker? Even today with the two most popular watches in the business, the Apple Watch 5 might last 18 hours …

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Samsung Press Conference – CES 2016 Update

Tuesday afternoon found us at the annual Samsung CES press conference. This is one of the most anticipated and well-attended events at CES, with standing room only and dozens turned away.  The national and international media coverage is nothing less than amazing.  Let’s get right to the latest and greatest Samsung technology being announced today. As the press conference got …

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Microsoft Smartwatch In The Works?

Microsoft-Smart-Watch feat

The smartwatch game has just begun and company names such as Google, Samsung, Apple, and LG are reportedly creating a smartwatch. These companies can add another name to their list: Microsoft. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has tasked some suppliers with the job to deliver some components of a smartwatch. This small development does not mean that the …

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