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The Rise Of Indie Games – A Quick Look Into The Genre And History

Indie Game Featured

WHAT IS AN INDIE GAME OR INDIE COMPANY? Indie Games are usually what some consumers might consider those “artsy obscure titles that hipsters play.” Lately however, that definition has been shifting and changing with the steep rise in prominence and popularity of indie titles. By now, indie titles can encompass any genre, have vastly varying degrees of quality and can ... Read More »

What is Steam OS? Valve’s Entry Into the Console Market and Why It’s Important

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It was no secret that Valve was creating some form of hardware. The rumors were there, so when the announcement was officially made, fans had their speculation justified. Not only did Valve announce the rumored “Steam Box”, Valve’s personal entry into the console market, but they also disclosed that their operating system, Steam OS, will be a freely “licensable” operating ... Read More »

Razer Edge Gaming Tablet To Come Pre-Installed With Steam Integration

razer edge steam

Razer announced today that the Razer Edge Gaming Tablet will soon come pre-installed with Steam software. The Razer Edge tablet will come with Valve’s industry-leading software, enabling gamers around the world to launch their games more quickly. The Edge is optimized for demanding gameplay and, through its mobile console and home console modes, it works seamlessly with Steam Big Picture. ... Read More »

VALVe’s Team Fortress 2 Becomes First Game To Support Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

TF2 oculus rift vr headset

After Gabe Newell wholeheartedly backed the Oculus Rift VR headset, it’s no surprise that VALVe’s popular F2p FPS Team Fortress 2 now officially becomes the first ever game to support the Oculus. A new blog post entry at the official TF2 blog and today’s TF2 update patch notes reflect the addition of VR into the game, which can be accessed ... Read More »

Steam Box – The Next Little Big Thing

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So it’s confirmed that VALVe has teamed up with Xi3 and is in the stages of building a Steam Box – an open-platform computer that will work with Steam’s Big Picture Mode. It will run Linux, but could in theoretically be able to install Windows, taking advantage of your full list of steam games. All we know is Xi3 has ... Read More »

Is VALVe Gearing Up To Battle Nintendo, Sony And Microsoft’s Next-Gen Gaming Consoles?


Anyone even remotely associated with gaming knows about Steam. VALVe’s software evolved from being a lowly bare-bones digital-rights management (DRM) nuisance to a tremendously successful digital-content distribution system holding well over 80-85% of market share on PC. VALVe recently rolled out Steam’s Big Picture Mode, a new UI designed specifically for TV’s making it easier for users who prefer console environments of ... Read More »