Thermaltake View 71 Tempered Glass Full Tower Review

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This is where all the magic happens when it comes to chassis. Many of them have different variations of the same square design and what distinguishes the good ones from the bad are their ability to integrate features that make quality of life better. The Thermaltake View 71 is a very good example of innovation.In the front panel we see a very standard radiator mount for either a 360 or 420mm radiator as well as either 3 120mm fans or 2 140mm fans. We might just go a little crazy here and attempt to fit 3 140mm fans due to our lack of optical drive. On the top radiator mount we actually see a quick release four screw design so you can mount fans before actually putting the tray on. We really like this design in the simple fact that it makes quality of life that much easier. You can fit the same radiators here as the front, however, there is room for an extra 140mm fan as opposed to the front only having room for two. As mentioned previously the rear has an option of 120mm or 140mm exhaust fan. On the bottom of the View 71 we find more space to put fans. With PSU installed you can have either 2 120mm fans or a 120/240mm radiator to give this chassis some massive airflow capability.

The motherboard housing has pre-installed stand-off screws in addition to rubber grommets to once again separate this chassis from the competitors. To the right of our Mobo area we see a very interesting section of this chassis. This is a very modular wall for accomplishing many tasks. First you can actually mount radiators on this wall to give even more airflow to this already borderline windstorm chassis. You can fit either a 360mm or 420mm radiator here to fit build requirements. For those looking for DIY cooling, look no further. This mod wall gives space for pumps and reservoirs as well, just in case you are looking to branch out into the world of advanced cooling. Another interesting addition is a drain area located on the bottom right in front of the fan installation slots. This provides a very easy way to drain your DIY system for maintenance or to change the fluid without having to lift this over 50 LB fully loaded chassis.The cable management area is usually a plague for beginner to moderate skill builders. There is no screw on panel to hide the cables here and we would like to see that in future models especially since this area is not hidden. We also see the drive bays here. 3 quick release trays, similar to the top fan trays, have room for either 1 3.5″ drives per tray or 2 2.5″ drives per tray. We would like to note that the View 71 does come equipped with a four bay drive compartment but we are more than likely going to remove it because we don’t like the look of them in any chassis. With all these feature we are frothing at the mouth to get our build in this chassis.

The world of chassis is a very diverse place and has all sorts of sizes, shapes and designs. Thermaltake's new View 71 sets out to continue to be one of the big players in the market. This chassis is in direct competition with chassis like the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered glass edition and Corsairs Crystal 570x. Well see if Thermaltake can take the thermal cake in terms of performance. Packaging, Contents and Pricing Our View 71 came to us packaged in a huge box as we would assume something this big would. The outside of the box really gets you…

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We reccomend this chassis to anyone looking to spice up their computers life. Thermaltake has created a very reasonably priced modular chassis for the builder in all of us.

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