Donny Stanley

Donny is a PC hardware enthusiast and lover of all things tech. He spends more time reading and learning about new technology than he does with his loved ones (they're pretty upset about that). He also enjoys playing video games and not getting eaten by sharks.

DeepCool Quanta DQ1250 1250W PSU Unboxing & Overview

In the wonderful world of DIY PC building, easily one of the most important components in any system is the power supply. Unfortunately, this is usually one area that is an afterthought for most users, as for the most part, power supplies tend to lack the excitement that is brought upon us by the more performance-effecting components such as the CPU …

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Noctua NH-U9S CPU Cooler Review – Compact Asymmetrical Design

Today we’ll be taking a look at yet another fine cooling solution from the good folks at Noctua; a company whom, if you’ve read our cooling reports before, you should be quite familiar with by now.  However, if you haven’t, all you need to know is that they specialize in making top quality and acoustically fine-tuned PC cooling solutions. While …

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Batman Arkham Knight PC – How Does It Run?

When it comes to comic book based video games, few series have been as successful as  the Warner Bros’ Batman Arkham franchise. After a rather mediocre release from WB Games Montreal in the form of 2013’s Arkham Origins, longtime series fans have been eagerly anticipating the latest release from series creator Rocksteady Studios: Batman Arkham Knight. Unfortunately, after its initial release …

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NVIDIA Preparing to Release GeForce GTX 950 Ti Series GPUs

It has been reported that NVIDIA is preparing to release a new GeForce GTX series GPU to replace the aging GTX 750/750 Ti series. The new GPU(s) will serve as low-budget, entry-level gaming graphics cards which should be priced to compete with AMD’s newly launched R7 300 series GPUs. The new GPU(s) will likely be dubbed the GTX 950 and …

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AMD Launches Carrizo APUs for Laptops

From Windows-based tablets, to high-end gaming latops, and Ultrabooks, Intel seems to be far and away dominating the mobile x86 market. While AMD does offer quite a few mobile processor and graphics solutions in the form of their APUs, OEMs seem to be continually opting for Intel’s alternatives, likely because that is what consumers are buying. In order to change …

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