NVIDIA Partners Cut Prices of GeForce GTX 980 Ti and GTX 980 In Response to AMD R9 Fury

Over the weekend, it appears some of NVIDIA’s AIBs (add-in board partners) have quietly cut prices of high-end Maxwell based GeForce GTX 980, and 980 Ti graphics cards. The move seems to be in response to the disruptive launch of the new AMD R9 Fury cards, which have been making quite the splash among reviewers since they launched early Friday morning.


The price cuts have effected some models of both the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and GTX 980 cards. We’ve been able to confirm some of the reports ourselves, a quick search on Amazon will bring results for the  Zotac GTX 980 AMP! Edition for $479 (down from the MSRP of $499), and others have reported GTX 980 Ti GPUs for prices as low as $629 at other major retailers.


While it is to early to say if these prices will roll out to all other AIBs, or if NVIDIA will officially confirm the cuts across the board. We’re definitely happy to see prices reduced due to increased competition in the market, as it is always better for consumers. NVIDIA has been known to stick to higher pricing models when there is a lack of competition, so the fact that their partners are responding to AMD’s recent launch with price cuts, could mean that NVIDIA is finally starting to feel the heat.


  1. i was hoping the GTX970 would get a price cut

    • You and me both, sir..

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem NVIDIA is likely to cut prices of the 970. If competition from the 390 has not already pushed them to do so, it seems like unlikely that they will in the near future.

      I almost think they are saving that price-segment for a possible 960 Ti card.

  2. wow 20 dollars off thats……….. nope.

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