Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam Review – As Good as Dash Cams Get

The last year has been pretty much a write-off as one of our favorite pre-occupations during the summer months is travel.  The world stage has changed drastically and, as much as world travel holds its benefits, getting into the Z and just driving can’t be beat. We were actually holding up this review because we wanted to include some amazing track video, but that was canceled just a few days back, the result once again being COVID.

Putting it off any further would be a bit unfair, however, so we are going to make the best of what we have and, at least hopefully, turn a few of you on to the Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam. It has after all become our ‘Go To’ Dash Cam for the Corvette Z06.

A big thanks to Nextbase for trusting us to provide an honest report with the gear that they sent along.  This included the 622GW 4K Dashcam itself, Rear Window Camera, Rear View Camera, Interior View Camera, Dash Cam Hardwire Kit and their own 64GB U3 microSD Card. They also included another cam which we will get to in another report, the Nextbase 322GW.

The Nextbase 622GW is  quoted by Nextbase as being the ‘ultimate dashcam and it just may be.  It’s resolution choices include 4K@30fps, 1440@60fps and 1080p at up t0 120fps for super slow motion video.  The three add-on cameras are capable of a max 1080P and, when attached, the front 622GW lens drops to 1440P when Image Stabilization is turned on.  Driving a Corvette, Image Stabilization is a necessity.  The 622GW has a 6 layer f1.3 lens with a 140° viewing angle, has both Wi-Fi and BT5.0 and is equipped with a 3″ HD IPS Touch Screen.

Build quality of the 622GW is beyond reproach.  A great example of this lies in the mount itself which houses the power cable.  The 622GW then connects to the mount by way of a magnet which holds the cam firmly in place.  This enables easy removal of the camera as an anti-theft measure. For those with cars similar to our own, this is a great feature as the top is usually left off the car during summer month travel.

The Nextbase 622GW has Alexa built in, digital stabilization, super slow motion, enhanced night vision, extreme weather mode where the image is recorded clearer for licence plate recognition, an SOS mode that can alert emergency services in case of an accident, as well as intelligent parking mode that records any any bump or sudden physical movement when left unattended.

The add-ons for the Nextbase 622GW cover all the bases.  For our use, we hardwired the Rear Window Camera in and it records, simultaneously as the front camera records, only at a 1080p resolution.

The Nextbase Rear View Camera also attaches by way of a magnetic mount, which again shows how well thought out this design was. Because this rear cam is magnetic, one is able to maneuver the camera to just the right angle eliminating the need to try to accommodate the camera for the window angle, as would be the case with a hard mount.

If one is so inclined, they can avoid the necessity of wiring in the Rear Window Cam and purchase either the Rear View or Cabin-View cameras which plug directly into the 622GW on the right side by way of an HDMI port. Otherwise, the wiring included with the Rear Window Cam includes a HDMI connector.

The Cabin-View Camera records in 1080p and has a wide angle 140° lens that records the entire cabin and the side windows. The Rear-View Camera has a 30° telephoto lens intended to get video through the rear window of the car, also records in 1080p and both cameras record at 30fps for clear vision.

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