Sennheiser HD-8 DJ Headphone Review – DJ and Professional Choice

Stepping back just a bit, everything about these headphones speaks of quality, starting at the attractive exterior hard case that has a full description of features and included components surrounding the box.

Sennheiser Angled Extra 2

Once you open the box, a hard black headphone case with blue trim around the zipper is found, this case in itself being no less than professional grade with carrying handle and moulded interior.

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Case Open 3

In addition to the HD-8 DJs and addition velour cushions that we spoke of, there are two separate cables, one being a Kevlar straight cable 3m in length with a 3.5mm straight plug, and the other being Kevlar coiled 1.5m in length and able to stretch to 3 metres.  The cable can be inserted into the bottom of either earpiece and twists in place so the cord is secure and can’t be tripped over and pulled out accidentally during a set. thought we were kidding when we stated these were comfortable?

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Ear Comfort L

Of course there is also an included 6.3mm adapter plug and HD-8 Quick Guide, the Quick Guide explaining HD-8 placement and adjusting, replacement of the ear cups and proper securing of the cable.  Cabling is the second negative we discovered as the HD-8’s are ideal for everyday use, however, the cables are much too long for use with a smart phone.

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Case ContentsRegardless of how well a headset is built and how great they look, it all means nothing if the proper rendering of sound isn’t there.  Our receipt of the HD-8 DJ’s coincided with our introduction to a new and upcoming band named July Talk, and in fact, everything we were looking for could be found in the few songs this band has created to date.  Peter Dreimanis has that low raspy voice that brings us back to times of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, while Leah Fay has that high-pitched innocence that Siobhan Fahey once brought to a little known band called Shakespeare Sister .  Actually, the combination of both Peter and Leah reminds me of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush singing, ‘Don’t Give Up‘.  July Talk performing that song would be incredible.


If you own the HD8 DJ’s now, or if you elect to buy them, listen to the song, ‘Guns and Ammunition‘ as it was played live at The Edge in Toronto.  Right off, the guitar seems to punch with every pick, the bass in his voice gets right through to you immediately, then it’s brought right back up with the innocence and tempo of her return; it’s like running to the edge only to return to safety.  You are there in the studio; that’s what makes the HD8 DJs so unique.  Let’s try another with ‘I’ve Rationed Well‘, or better yet ‘Venus Stopped The Train‘.

Sitting back and listening to a large number of songs, we found the lows to be very powerful, the mids, very clear and highs very fresh without being to crisp.  As much as we loved the natural reproduction of vocals, the HD8’s were definitely made for the DJ scene as they have the best bass response we have heard in some time and there is little, or indicernable distortion when this headset is cranked.  Our test system consisted of the Sony STR-DA1800ES and, in trying to push the headset volume to see what we could find, there was no way we could hit full volume.  Here is the boss judging the HD8 DJ’s for himself…

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Grading Tunes

Perhaps one of the candidates for the most popular headphones of all time could be the Sennheiser HD-25's which were first released in 1988 and can still be found today, although in a more contemporary design.  Many would claim these to be the most likely runaway winner and, if popularity alone through time is any indication, we would have to agree. Sennheiser has now released the successor to the HD-25 in the HD-8 DJ and, if you are a media professional who spends hours on end with a set of headphones on your head, these definitely merit a close look. …

Review Overview

Product Build
Features and Accessories
Sound Quality
Pricing ($389)
Warranty (2 Year)

Unmatched Quality and Sound!

Although a bit pricey, the Sennheiser HD-8- DJ Headphones privide amazing sound reproductions with emphasis on lower tones most often seen in a professional sound environment. The build and accessories of the HD8 make this a purchase worthy of consideration.

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  1. Hey! Very, VERY nice review. So I listened to you and bought them! They just press on a bit tight (grip is a bit more than normal), but they are comfortable, sometimes not noticeable, and AWESOME sounding!

  2. Correction: the HD8 is not the successor to the HD 25, the HD 26 Pro is. Sennheiser didn’t intend for the HD 25 to be used by DJs as it was, and still is, intended for broadcast professionals. The HD8 (and HD7) is the first purpose-built headphone from Sennheiser for DJs.

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