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Although we have included a few amusing pictures to demonstrate the comfort of the Sennheiser HD-8 DJ headphones, we believe these headphones are the best you will find for their intended audience.  As always, Sennheiser has looked well past the industry standard and ventured outside the box with the placement and fit of the HD-8 DJ’s.  You will even find ‘L’ and ‘R’ stamped inside either cup and, as funny as it really is, you will find yourself checking for the first while.  Make no mistake though, the build and sound of these headphones practically guarantee we will be seeing them just as long as the HD-25’s.

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Bench

Pricing for the HD8 DJ can be found at Amazon for $389.99 and they have a solid 5/5 rating.  These headphones are by no means cheap but, then again, you won’t be replacing them anytime soon.  They will last what you might normally have expected for 2-3 sets. For those considering this purchase, remember of course that these are over-ear headphones, one cannot simply switch off cabling for that of a shorter length for your smart phone and day-to-day use (HINT! HINT!), and of course that once you give these babies a true chance, you won’t be taking them off anytime soon.  Having said that, we should mention that ALL headsets get an extensive burn-in before final evaluation. Quite frankly, we have never seen Diesel so relaxed for so long!

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Sleeping

The Sennheiser HD-8 DJ Professional Headphones have definitely earned Our Editor’s Choice Award!

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Editors Choice-TechX copy Opt

Perhaps one of the candidates for the most popular headphones of all time could be the Sennheiser HD-25's which were first released in 1988 and can still be found today, although in a more contemporary design.  Many would claim these to be the most likely runaway winner and, if popularity alone through time is any indication, we would have to agree. Sennheiser has now released the successor to the HD-25 in the HD-8 DJ and, if you are a media professional who spends hours on end with a set of headphones on your head, these definitely merit a close look. …

Review Overview

Product Build
Features and Accessories
Sound Quality
Pricing ($389)
Warranty (2 Year)

Unmatched Quality and Sound!

Although a bit pricey, the Sennheiser HD-8- DJ Headphones privide amazing sound reproductions with emphasis on lower tones most often seen in a professional sound environment. The build and accessories of the HD8 make this a purchase worthy of consideration.

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  1. Hey! Very, VERY nice review. So I listened to you and bought them! They just press on a bit tight (grip is a bit more than normal), but they are comfortable, sometimes not noticeable, and AWESOME sounding!

  2. Correction: the HD8 is not the successor to the HD 25, the HD 26 Pro is. Sennheiser didn’t intend for the HD 25 to be used by DJs as it was, and still is, intended for broadcast professionals. The HD8 (and HD7) is the first purpose-built headphone from Sennheiser for DJs.

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