Yantouch Black Diamond 3 Wireless 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System Review – A Dazzling Illumination Of Sound

Again, regardless of device or media player, the BD3 will react to the music being played perfectly. Here is an example of the complete multicoloured reactionary mode that will only illuminate LED lighting when certain notes are hit (ie – it will not shine throughout as with the second mode above):


Of course you can also turn off the lighting and decrease/increase brightness. We make it sound more complicated that it is, but basically these are three lighting features of the BD3. After playing around we were pleasantly surprised that we had the ability to configure our lighting and rhythm. Regardless of mode the presentation is dazzling and certainly won us over.

Sound Quality

We tested both the Bluetooth and analog connections of the the BD3 by playing Crysis 3. The game environment provided the lows/bass, while the pause screen played the “Jungle and Ruins” theme perfect for mids and highs.


We can tell straight-off that bass is lacking in the BD3 speakers. Reproduction is not terrible, as it works well if the sound is meant to be low impact; for high impact though, that is where the speakers struggle. Lows tend to be muddy and just not as powerful, or as crisp as they should be. When explosions and gunshots come into play, it becomes difficult discerning between the two as both sound weak.


The mids are definitely the best area of sound reproduction. Quality is crisp and clear, especially so for instrumental tracks and environmental noise such as shifting of grass , wind, and water. Vocals sound beautiful as well, but just slightly miss the refinement that high-quality headphones present.


Since the mids reproduce close to the highs instead of low-mids, the highs themselves are quite good. Lower and upper highs are easily distinguished, are well detailed and comprehensive, as well as powerful. The highs do tend to trail-off, but for the vast majority they are reproduced well and perform better compared to the lows.

yantouch black diamond 3 bd3 bluetooth 2.1 wireless speakers

Overall the sound quality is above average which certainly exceeded our expectations for a speaker system of this size.

Bluetooth Wireless Range

Yantouch advertises a range of 30 feet which is confirmed, provided you have a direct line-of-sight to the BD3. For us the range went up to roughly 50 feet in a direct line. If it is passing through walls and/or interior tiled roofing, the range will drop by about 10 feet of the original 30, as we had to move within a 20-foot distance to connect with the BD3. Not too shabby for a Bluetooth device.


The Yantouch Black Diamond 3 wireless 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system is an absolutely enchanting device. The beautiful crystalline design and bright, vibrant LED lights produce a presentation that is awe inspiring every time a song is played. The high-quality parts, wireless Bluetooth standard, and unorthodox materials all come together to produce an astounding sound experience.

yantouch black diamond 3 bd3 bluetooth 2.1 wireless speakers

The major factor of the BD3 however is the price. At $129 the speaker system is quite steep, but we feel the overall appearance and presentation will win consumers over. In terms of sound quality however, the reproduction is decent; certainly above average, but not mind-blowingly great. The last qualm we had was portability, as even though the BD3 portrays itself as portable, the lack of an internal battery means it has to be tethered to an external power source for use.

yantouch black diamond 3 bd3 bluetooth 2.1 wireless speakers

When it comes shock value the BD3 will leave your guests in awe. The presentation is really that good. Having loud, vibrant sound reproduction and quality on top of that cements the $129 Black Diamond 3 as the ultimate gifting device. The complete package of beautiful aesthetics, simple wireless connectivity, and powerful sound reproduction makes the Yantouch Black Diamond 3 tough to beat for an all-in-one vibrant 2.1  sound solution.

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Tech X Editors Choice Opt

We would like to thank Yantouch and Pedro Chen for providing the Black Diamond 3 for testing and review. Check out the gallery below for more shots of the BD3 colour and lighting cycles.



  1. Hi Deepak,

    This is Ken Ouyang, President of Yantouch. Thanks for your frank and in-depth review.
    IceDiamond+, a battery version with app, is coming up soon. Would you like to review it when it’s ready? please contact me at ken.ouyang@yantouch.com. Thanks.

    Warm Cheers,

    • Hey Ken,

      Thanks for the kind words. Would love to review the IceDiamond+. Will shoot you an email soon 🙂

    • Hey Ken,

      Thanks for the kind words. Would love to review the IceDiamond+. Will shoot you an email soon

    • Hi, Mr. Quyang. My husband loves music and gadgets. So for Christmas 2 years ago, my kids and I decided to give him the diamondblack 3. He loved it and still uses it until a week ago. My 18 year old son had friends over a week ago and thought it would be cool to use the blackdiamond3. The charger went missing after the party and my husband is pissed. He wants my son to replace the charger. But he won’t accept nothing but the same charger as the original. My son has been searching online everyday for the same charger but has been unsuccessful. Can you please suggest where we can get one so we can have peace in our household again. Thank you very much. Lmdlpk

  2. Woah! this is really cool ,i like the shape.soo amazing !!

    Here’s a list of best wireless speakers 2013,must see and share your reviews 🙂


  3. Is bluetooth speakers are suitable for high base and high volume usage with pc. Without affecting the quality because I have not seen these kind of speakers in Best 2.1 Speakers list.

  4. How do I turn it off????

  5. Nice Article.. Good Work

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