Samsung EX2F Camera Review – A Low-Light Advanced Point-And-Shoot For Any Photographer

Point-and-shoots are great for several occasions, but most fall short in low lighting. With larger sensors helping to combat this problem, a fast lens can also do wonders for low light photography. Samsung has updated its EXF series with an f/1.4 lens, making shooting in low light almost comparable to a budget range DSLR.

samsung-ex2f-camera-f1-3We find the Samsung EX2F very unique in a sea of point-and-shoot cameras, aptly displayed by the addition of Wi-Fi compatibility for easy sharing over a wide gamut of devices. A modest 12.4 megapixels seems to marry the sensor/aperture, for a properly exposed image with minimum noise at low ISO. Finally, the intuitive menu system that anyone can master,coupled with a brilliant varied-angled AMOLED screen makes the EX2F a very alluring pocket sized camera.

The accessories are quite meagre; you have your core items and that’s really everything.  Starting off we have the EX2F with an attached lens cap, which is recommended to keep everything nice and tethered. The camera also comes with a strap perfect for a long day of shooting; since the EX2F is lightweight the included strap is more than sufficient. Next we have the 1030 mAh Samsung SLB-10A Rechargeable Battery. Included further is the seamless hot shoe cover for protecting the metal connectors while not using an external flash. Also included are the quick start guide and software disc.

samsung ex2f camera accessories

One feature we love is the included AC charger which allows you to plug the camera directly into the wall, or you can charge the camera directly via USB. We were able to charge the camera in the Samsung Powerbag – perfect for a quick fill-up on a photo-walk. This camera is excellent for on-the-go charging.


The Samsung EX2F has a slew of extra accessories that can be purchased separately. Including external flashes like the ED-SEF220A perfect for a little extra oomph in very low light situations. For a lower profile flash look into the SEF15A, a sleeker and more contoured look to compliment the body. For most shots it will be more than enough for any passable low light exposure.

The SEF42A Samsung’s most powerful flash for the NX line can also be substituted. Hence if one day you might wish to upgrade to one of NX lines of mirrorless cameras all of these flashes will work up to the NX 300. If you plan on taking a lot of video, the NX External Microphone might be a desirable. Are long exposure photos your cup of tea? If so, the ED-SR2NX02 Remote Shutter Switch can help with early morning creek shots to starscapes.

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