Samsung EX2F Camera Review – A Low-Light Advanced Point-And-Shoot For Any Photographer

One amazing feature of this camera is Macro Photography. Samsung’s spec sheet says the EX2F only has to be 1 cm away to take a Macro. In reality you can literally touch the lens with your subject and still take a perfectly focused exposure. In Macro, it out-performs most enthusiast point-and shoot cameras, including our all-time favorite Canon S110. Another feature is Samsung’s Dual Image Stabilization technology. To reduce blur and image shake, the EX2F integrates optical and digital Image Stabilization.


Another feature the EX2F has is the front wheel. We admit it feels a little on the cheap end, however it works surprisingly well for quickly changing settings, such as shutter speed, white balance, etc.. With the added scroll wheel, selecting aperture and all advanced setting is very easy. This follows suit with many of these advanced compacts like the Canon PowerShot G15, giving you both a front wheel and back scroll wheel for quick navigation and setting up your settings in seconds.


For the top of the EX2F, starting off, at the left side we notice the pop up flash with release switch. We wish Samsung had gone with a mechanism that automatically raised and lowered the flash. Next to that is the Hot shoe with its cover on. It looks quite slick and keeps the EX2F looking very streamlined. The glowing blue power button a signature style on many of the Samsung cameras. Below that is the battery indicator light which changes from green to red when charging.

We really like this feature since the battery charges internally. On top are the stereo microphones which recording sound quality decently, as outside noises are very noticeable (wind for example). The EX2F microphones are still very sensitive and will pick up a lot of noise. If video is really on the top of your list, look into an external microphone.

The EX2F has two large dials at the top. The first one is the Drive Mode Dial its pre-programmed dial that has a plethora of dedicated shooting modes.  Including capture single Photo, timer delay, BKT bracketing for HDR images, and burst modes for consecutive shooting up to ten Photos.


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