Sony Cyber-shot TX-30 Review Follow Up – Underwater Testing at the Shangri-La Far East

One of our most popular reports on Technology X has been our review of the new Sony Cyber-shot TX-30 Digital Camera and the number of e-mails we have received, as well as product purchases directly from the review, has been amazing.

The TX-30 is waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof,  freeze-proof and it just may be one of the smallest (and most attractive) underwater cameras today.  The single most e-mailed question, relating to the TX-30, is what our opinion is of its underwater features and, can we test it as such?  Well, it took some time to convince it’s owner but here we are at the rooftop pool of the Shangri-La Far East Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, for Computex.  How’s this for an entry?

Sony TX-30 Underwater

As much as it might not seem so, getting the camera from Karen’s hands to the bottom of the pool was quite the task.  From there, this camera just continued to impress.  First off, the rear OLED has an exceptional picture under water, however, the touch screen does not work as it might normally.  The top buttons of Power, Shutter, Zoom and Video can be utilized to their full extent.  Let’s start with a few preliminary shots in the pool:


Oakley Dip 1

Sony Cybershot TX-30 Underwater 6

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