Sony Cyber-shot TX-30 Review Follow Up – Underwater Testing at the Shangri-La Far East

Sometimes I think I enjoy this job waaaaayyy to much!  Having been using the TX-30 on a steady basis through the last month or so, we can relate that this camera is perhaps one of the best we have ever had in our hands.  Specific to today’s little exercise, not only were underwater pictures and video excellent, but also, such things as sound while under water and picture taking after being used poolside definitely stood out.  There is no need to ever wipe the lens after submersion and within seconds, we are back to taking shots of this calibre:


Flower 2

At the end of the day, the Sony Cyber-shot TX-30 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freezproof camera is a step above every other in its range and then some well above its class.  Not only is it an extremely simple point and shoot camera to understand, but also, picture quality is the calibre of those trade professionals that are looking for that compact camera for their own use away from the job.  Back to a bit of pool leisure!

Pool Leisure

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