Corsair Carbide Spec-04 Mid Tower Review


A few things come to mind when building a chassis. One is airflow. Having proper airflow space and vents are very important to the gamer or consumer for obvious cooling reasons. The Corsair Carbide Spec-04 does a very standard job with providing enough vents. Two 120mm or 140mm fan spots are located in the front right behind the yellow vent panel. Our build will more than likely put two intake fans in that location. Occupying the top is room for two 120mm fans and the most likely place for our radiator. Last but not least is our rear fan, as you may have guessed, will have a very probable exhaust 120mm fan. The second subject that is quite important is motherboard, PSU and GPU space. All three have ample room for modern day components. The PSU clearance is 225mm while GPU clearance sits at 370mm. Our motherboard should have no issues fitting in the ATX/MATX area. The third thought on everyone’s minds is “Where am i going to put my 2.5 and 3.5 drives?”. The answer is very simple. Located on the Spec-04’s cable management side is room for two 2.5 screw in bays. Attached on the inside of our chassis near the PSU slot is a 3 3.5” bay shelf. We do not really have a need for those bays and can see them being replaced to give more airspace.

Today, we announce the launch of Corsairs new Carbide Spec-04.  As a step up from the Spec-03, we hope the bold, angular, hard edged exterior can keep up with the other big names in chassis building. We cant wait to test the airflow and customization options of this high speed rig. Corsair has also been kind enough to throw in some of their cooling components such as their AIO H60 CPU cooler and two ML 120 Magnetic Levitation fans. PACKAGING AND CONTENTS The unboxing of our Carbide Spec-04 was actually quite fun. We didn't have to worry about any heavy…

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Corsair's Carbide Spec-04 is a very budget case with tons of room, good airflow and simple to build in. Pick it up for your next build!

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  1. Got this case when I had to do a CPU/Mobo upgrade. The shop did the work, but I was a bit miffed when I got back the system as there was no external access for an optical drive or card reader.

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